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This Toyota AE86 gets 40 mpg with its original gasoline engine

There has been a lot of buzz about the pair of alternative energy AE86s that Toyota unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. However, even before Akio Toyoda‘s big reveal there’s been other efforts at making an environmentally friendly AE86. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Friday Video: The Depth of Speed

Remember the video of┬áJDM Legends that we posted a while back? The filmmaker, Josh Clason, has returned with another beautiful video featuring the inner workings of the SLC-based tuning house. Along for the ride are their┬áCelica, Starlet, and hakosuka. Feast … Continue reading

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JDM Legends in Hi-Def Video

We see images of incredible nostalgics all the time, but rarely are they captured so beautifully in dramatic lighting, unhurried tracking shots, and high-definition video. Check out the work put into these historic machines by our friends at JDM Legends … Continue reading

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Hotlanta! Garage Zero's Old School Street Fighters

Congrats to our readers at Garage Zero out of Atlanta, Georgia for coverage on MotorMavens! Click to see how they hold it down.

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Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

Need a gurachan spoiler and some wicked fender flares for your kenmeri Skyline? Swing by Saitama’s Mizuno Works, a shop specializing in bosozoku style bombers.

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Pitroad, Sunny Tuning House

Cheater_5, the JNC reader who introduced us to Auckland’s Tama Autos, has a another great post about Pitroad, the Chiba-based Sunny tuning house responsible for the pulse-quickening B310 TS Cup car pictured above. They make everything from suspension parts to … Continue reading

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Tama Autos of Auckland, New Zealand

We love checking out sites created by JNC readers and lately we’ve really gotten into cheater_5’s A B110 Perspective. As you can guess from the title, the man is obsessed with Sunnys, and he owns an uber-cool sanitora, or Sunny … Continue reading

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A Visit to Daisuke Shoten

Our buddy over at Nori Yaro posted on a visit to Daisuke Shoten, a shop specializing in mad bosozoku style cars. It sits in a field of grass as tall as your shoulders and the only sign signifying its existence … Continue reading

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Defi Takeover of Trust Rumors

Last month the bankruptcy declaration of Trust, one of Japan’s most respected tuning houses and parent company of GReddy, surprised many in the Japanese auto aftermarket industry. But it looks like they will stay afloat to fight another day. Rumor … Continue reading

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Trust Bust: GReddy Parent Company Goes Bankrupt

Note: update below the jump. A Japanese credit researching company is reported yesterday that Trust, mega Japanese tuning firm and a mainstay of the import scene, has filed for bankruptcy at a Tokyo District Court. You may know them by … Continue reading

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