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Nissan Skyline reportedly morphing into electric SUV

A new report out of Japan says that the Nissan Skyline is about to change forms and become — you guessed it — an electric SUV. The popular tuning platform has been a sedan since 1957 (years before Nissan) when … Continue reading

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Nissan is getting ready to throw a 90th anniversary bash

Nissan is about to throw a big birthday party for itself as it readies itself for its 90th birthday. In the coming months, the carmaker will roll out a series of initiatives to celebrate its heritage and DNA. This includes … Continue reading

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Infiniti logo updated to add third dimension, new signature sound and smell

Unless a clapped-out G35 is about to smack you in the ribs at a takeover, you probably don’t give Infiniti much thought these days. You might even be surprised to learn that the Infiniti logo was recently updated, along with … Continue reading

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Toyota Starlet revival is the dream of new Gazoo Racing president

Much has been written about Koji Sato, the former Gazoo Racing president and AE86 owner who has since ascended to the top job at Toyota. He’s said that it’s his life’s dream to bring back the Celica. But what about … Continue reading

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Toyota Land Cruiser teaser for 2024 seems to confirm retro front end

A new teaser released by Toyota portends good things for the upcoming 2024 Land Cruiser. Its return has been highly anticipated return after leaving the US market at the end of the 2021 model year. The image pictures it in … Continue reading

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We regret to inform you that Yamaha will also end its swimming pool business

Just days after Yamaha announced it would cease snowmobile manufacturing, it has also announced that it will stop making swimming pools too. If your reaction to this news was, “Yamaha made swimming pools?” you are not alone. I had no … Continue reading

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New Toyota Land Cruiser reportedly getting FJ40 and 70-inspired design

We’re all excited about the Toyota Land Cruiser reboot in the US, but a new report has us even more stoked than before. A report out of Australia says it may get a retro-inspired design that is specific to the … Continue reading

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Nissan technical college students restoring flood-damaged Fairlady Z for bereaved family

In 2018 one of the deadliest floods in the country’s history swept through southwestern Japan. Twenty-three prefectures received evacuation notices, over 200 people perished, and damages to infrastructure, farms, and property totaled about $20 billion. One family lost an S130 … Continue reading

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Mazda is mass producing rotary engines for the first time in over a decade

On June 21, 2012 Mazda shut down rotary engine production at its Ujina No.1 plant in Hiroshima. A day later, on June 22, the RX-8, the last production car in the world to have a rotary engine, ended production as … Continue reading

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Nissan Z NISMO drifts into 2024 with new nose

Nissan says it’s “teasing” the new Z NISMO with a video of it kicking out tire smoke galore. It’s not much of a teaser, because the whole shebang can be seen in its full undisguised glory. There’s a number of … Continue reading

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Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition pays tribute to the original panda 86

Toyota has introduced a new limited edition model of the GR86 with a strong throwback to the famed AE86. It’s even called the Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition, and it’s loaded with visual cues referencing the car that gave the GR86 … Continue reading

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Honda CRX Si returned to family and restored to Tuner Era glory after 20 years

Anthony Pedatella’s 1990 Honda CRX Si was his pride and joy when he and his wife-to-be Marisa began dating in midst of the Tuner Era. It epitomized the style of the times, with a ZC twin-cam, Clarion stereo, and a … Continue reading

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Former Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi showroom, the San’ai Dream Center in Ginza, will be demolished after 60 years

Another famous Tokyo building with ties to Japan’s automotive history is on the chopping block. It was announced earlier this year that the San’ai Dream Center is scheduled to be demolished. For 60 years it has been a landmark in … Continue reading

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Toyota Land Cruiser returning to the US market

Toyota quietly made if official late last night. The venerable Land Cruiser is making a comeback to the US market. After departing our shores at the end of 2021, it will be returning for what is likely the 2024 model … Continue reading

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Toyota Stout name could be revived for sub-Tacoma pickup

Compact pickups are coming back. Former compact trucks have gotten so large that there’s now room at the low end of the market for smaller offerings. The catch is that this new crop of vehicles like the Ford Maverick and … Continue reading

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Wanton Toyota MR2 Spyder destruction proves takeovers aren’t about the cars

A couple in Tolland, Connecticut were heading home from a dinner in a Toyota MR2 Spyder when they passed through a street takeover on May 21. The crowd of supposed car enthusiasts ended up surrounding their mid-engined roadster and deliberately … Continue reading

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RIP Tina Turner, singer, actor, DSM spokesperson

Japan is known for poaching American celebrities for car commercials, and at first glance this spot for a DSM starring 12-time Grammy winner Tina Turner could easily be mistaken for that. But no, it’s a home-grown all-American ad for the … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Electric, which put the world’s first in-car GPS in the 1990 Mazda Cosmo, is leaving the nav business

Mazda’s Eunos Cosmo was a car of many firsts, one of which was the world’s first in-car GPS system over three decades ago. The so-called CCS (Car Communication System) was developed by Mitsubishi Electric, a trailblazer in car-based nav systems. … Continue reading

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Toyota Camry vs Mazda 626 in 1983: History keeps on repeating

Motorweek was just two years old in 1983 when it decided to do a four-way test of five-door family hatchbacks. It’s not a format that stuck around — we’re talking about both the show’s comparo and the body style — … Continue reading

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Fight 1/8 scale crime with this gull-winged Nissan Fairlady 280Z from Seibu Keisatsu

Last year Hachette released an ultra-detailed model of the DR30 Nissan Skyline from Seibu Keisatsu, Japan’s most popular 80s cop show. Now they’ve followed up with the only logical move, a 1/8 scale model of the show’s Super Z, based … Continue reading

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