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Toyota is saving the manuals for its next Lexus sports car

Of all companies, Toyota just might be the one to save the manuals. The future may look bleak for many enthusiast-oriented automotive technologies, but Toyota has just revealed that it is indeed working on a manual transmission for an upcoming … Continue reading

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NISMO is planning an electrified Nissan GT-R replacement

Nissan apparently has a GT-R successor in the works, says a new report out of the UK. It has no name yet, but will take the GT-R’s spot as a NISMO-fied top-dog of Nissan’s lineup. The flagship is seen as … Continue reading

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Cry for what Mitsubishi’s Ralliart division has become

Mitsubishi has rebooted its Ralliart brand, the name once synonymous with Lancer Evolution rally cars and Dakar dominance. As a new video shows, the works team once responsible for world-beating motorsports development has now been demoted to hawking mudflaps, decals … Continue reading

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Bruce Canepa’s FJ Company Land Cruiser has nostalgic looks, supercharged Tacoma engine

Bruce Canepa is no stranger to amazing cars. The ex-race car driver owns a literal museum and dealer showroom of Porsches, Nissans, and Trans-Am era race cars. He’s a constant at the Monterey Historics and has raced in everything from … Continue reading

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Mazda might be merging the Miata and RX-7 into a single sports car heritage

Mazda surprised the world last week when it snuck images of a sleek sports car into an otherwise mundane briefing about its plans to electrify. At first glance it struck us as a potential design direction for the next Miata, … Continue reading

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Mazda Vision Study Model teases stunning next-gen Miata

Mazda is teasing car enthusiasts with a low-slung sports car design that could portend the next Miata. The Mazda Vision Study Model was buried in a mid-term plan outlining an $11 billion push toward electrification. Reading between the lines it … Continue reading

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Mazda debuts Roadster Brown Top Edition in Japan

Mazda has released a new special edition Roadster in Japan. The Brown Top Edition debuts a new color to the ND, Zircon Sand Metallic, that looks kind of like a modern take on 90s champagne gold. As you can probably … Continue reading

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Japan’s supercar booms, a brief history

Exotic machinery has long been popular in Japan, but the country has had two notable supercar booms in its history. It could now be on the brink of a third, thanks to a perfect storm of unprecedented factors. According to … Continue reading

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Japan Automotive Hall of Fame welcomes Fairlady Z, Prius, and more

The Japanese Automotive Hall of Fame have announced their 2022 inductees. Each year three vehicles representing milestones in the country‚Äôs auto industry are selected for the honor. This year, they include a sports car classic, a technological turning point, and … Continue reading

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This Honda Civic EF wearing Advan Oni 2 wheels was our SEMA favorite

We’re still compiling the hundreds of photos from SEMA into a digestible gallery (and intermittently washing our eyes out with bleach), but we wanted to give credit where credit was due. Our favorite car at the 2022 SEMA Show was … Continue reading

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Toyota’s TRD tricolor will never not look cool

At the SEMA Show Toyota unveiled a colossal number of trucks while announcing yet another line of off-road sub-brands called Trailhunter. Apparently this overlanding thing is really taking off (/s). The coolest among this gaggle of 4x4s is a Sequoia … Continue reading

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BRE Sunny Truck with Leaf powertrain leads Nissan’s SEMA 2022 lineup

In the past couple of years the pandemic has decimated participation at the SEMA Show, but there are some signs of life in Las Vegas. Nissan, for example, is bringing a diverse mix of weird and wonderful builds that capture … Continue reading

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Hyundai continues to build better Mitsubishis than Mitsubishi

In 1986, to prepare for the upcoming Seoul Olympics, Hyundai needed a flagship sedan. But it was so wet behind the ears that it had to turn to another carmaker to design one for them, one that seemed like a … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your favorite car chase scene?

The world of movie car chases was forever changed 54 years ago today. October 17, 1968 saw the theatrical release of Bullitt, in which the centerpiece action sequence between ad Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger is considered to be one … Continue reading

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Why Toyota Land Cruisers are the best, according to the man who literally wrote the book on crossing the Sahara Desert

Chris Scott has completed over 50 overlanding expeditions and is an expert on crossing the Sahara Desert. He’s authored several books on the subject. He made his first trip into northern Africa on a motorcycle in 1983. Since then he’s … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Fuso’s rare dual front-axle bus has been restored

Looking like something out of an Ultraman movie, the Mitsubishi Fuso MR430 bus oozes retro-futuristic strangeness. Tri-axle buses aren’t rare, but one with two axles located at the front, both of which turn with the steering wheel, certainly is. It … Continue reading

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Mazda to launch restoration program for FD RX-7

Mazda plans to launch a restoration program for the FD RX-7. Details are scarce for now, but we expect something similar to the Mazda Roadster Restore program launched in 2017. If that is the case, the program will likely see … Continue reading

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Miatas enter Guinness Book of World Records for largest Mazda parade

A gathering of Mazda MX-5 Miatas has broken the world record for largest parade of Mazda cars. The assembly took place at Italy’s Modena Circuit on September 18 and was certified by a Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator at … Continue reading

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Rate this Ad: Toyota HiLux family receives an unexpected visitor

In the latest ad for the Toyota HiLux, a family that owns multiple generations of the venerable pickup receives a disturbing visit. It’s time for another Rate This Ad, this time coming to us all the way from Australia. This … Continue reading

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Nissan Skyline tops Japanese survey about dream cars

Monday, September 19, was Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. To mark the occasion Kinto, a car sharing service, held a survey to ask drivers of three generations about their motoring habits, including what their dream cars were when … Continue reading

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