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Nissan restores the Zexel R32 Skyline GT-R that won the 24 Hours of Spa

In 1991, while the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R was busy at home winning every single race in the All-Japan Touring Car Championships in a four-year span, it also took the time to win the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Built to … Continue reading

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Best Motoring episode created using only Gran Turismo 7 footage

Despite some early (now fixed) issues, Gran Turismo 7 has proven to be one of the best installments in the PlayStation racing series. It’s a continuation of what made fans fall in love with the franchise in the first place, … Continue reading

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The history of Japanese Rally Cars at the Toyota Automobile Museum

The Toyota Automobile Museum recently ended a special exhibit about the history of Japanese cars in rallying. As those who’ve visited the TAM will know, despite the name, the institution welcomes all marques. As such, the exhibit assembled cars from … Continue reading

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Subaru dealer in Japan takes on bare-metal restoration of ff-1 Van

A Subaru dealership in northern Japan is conducting an incredible bare-metal restoration of an ff-1 Van. It’s one of Subaru’s most obscure models, but there’s good reason why they’re treating the project as seriously as a Toyota 2000GT restoration. As … Continue reading

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Datsun ends production as Nissan’s Ghosn era continues to unravel

The vestiges of Carlos Ghosn’s reign at Nissan continue to crumble. This week, it was reported that the former CEO’s revival of Datsun branded cars has ceased production after falling far short of sales expectations. The news comes hot on … Continue reading

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Toyota AE86 goes drifting with 86 and GR86 in Japanese commercial

Toyota commercials have been getting better, and the latest Japanese-market ad continues the trend. To market the new GR86, they bring out the previous-generation 86 and the one that started it all, the original AE86 Sprinter Trueno. The trio do … Continue reading

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The Toyota Crown sedan will live on, joined by SUV, report says

The big news of the day yesterday was a report on Toyota bringing an SUV-ified version of the Crown to the US market. It sounds like an abomination. However, buried deep in the report was a separate item, one that … Continue reading

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Honda Prelude SiR now at bottom of ocean, thanks to Felicity Ace disaster

Earlier this year the Felicity Ace, an auto transport ship with thousands of cars on board was lost after a fire broke out. The majority were brand new models from the Volkswagen Group and its brands, but a new report … Continue reading

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A Datsun 510 having 44 years of dirt washed off is extremely satisfying

What does nearly half a century of grime look like? In New York, detailers unearthed a 1970 Datsun 510 that had been sitting for 44 years. It was purchased new in Long Island, driven for just seven years, then parked … Continue reading

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ASIMO is retiring: A history of Honda’s groundbreaking robots

On March 31, 2022 Honda’s ASIMO robot is cleaning out its desk, turning in its badge, and collecting that gold watch on its way out the door. ASIMO is going to retire. After 22 years of delighting children, advancing technology, … Continue reading

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Sorry, Mercedes, Nissan had road surface sensing 30 years before you on a Maxima

We typically don’t review cars like the Mercedes S65 AMG, so it only recently came to our attention that when it debuted in 2014, the Benz flagship boasted about having the world’s first surface-sensing suspension. The only problem with that … Continue reading

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Mazda RWD sedan’s future less certain, but there’s no dead body yet

A statement by a Mazda exec has left many hopefuls in doubt about their rear-wheel-drive, inline-six sedan. In fact, it has caused many outlets to proclaimed that the car is definitively dead, or just a rumor that never had any … Continue reading

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Nissan’s Heritage Parts Program adds body panels for R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R

Nissan’s Heritage Parts Program has announced some pretty significant parts for the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs. The latest batch of revival parts includes large body panels for 1995-2002 Godzillas. This includes fenders and rear quarter panels for the R33, … Continue reading

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Two Nissan concepts have been crushed at a scrapyard

Once proudly displayed on auto show turntables with the eyes and cameras of global media trained on them, two Nissan concept cars have met their unceremonious ends in a Tennessee junkyard. Both were stars at Nissan’s booth at the North … Continue reading

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Subaru ceases development of gasoline WRX STI cars

It’s the end of an era. For three decades cars branded with Subaru Technica International’s initials have graced Subaru’s top performance cars. However, Subaru has announced that it will officially cease production of gasoline-powered WRX STI cars. It’s an immediate … Continue reading

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1994 Infiniti Q45: Now with more grille!

Fair or not, the Infiniti launch in 1989 will forever be remembered in the annals of automotive business history as a series of blunders. The name was weird and misspelled (this was decades before words like Google or Lyft could … Continue reading

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Toyota Crown making a return to the US?

The Toyota Crown might be returning to the US market, if a leaked dealer schedule sheet is to be believed. Though it’s been Toyota’s most popular and evergreen sedan in Japan for nearly 70 years, it was sold stateside for … Continue reading

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Alive Hoon, the first movie about pro drifting, has a trailer and behind-the-scenes video

It’s been over 20 years since the D1GP, the first professional drifting league, was born. So it’s a bit surprising that, in all this time, there hasn’t been a feature film about the sport (no, Tokyo Drift doesn’t count). But, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Drifting in America has come a long way since 1998

Drifting was still a little-known underground activity in the United States back in 1998. However, that didn’t stop some of Japan’s most famous drift racers and judges from visiting southern California to see what the nascent scene was all about. … Continue reading

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Nissan Hardbody and Datsun 720-inspired Frontiers debut at Chicago Auto Show

Nissan is going HAM on the throwback stuff these days, and we’re not talking about the new Z. For the Chicago Auto Show they’re bringing not one, but two concept trucks with a decidedly flavor based on new Frontier pickup. … Continue reading

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