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The original Toyota 2000GT subscription model has been re-released, requiring $1,000 and year to complete

No, you’re not having déjà vu. Another expensive, mega-scale Toyota 2000GT model kit has just be released in Japan. Actually, re-released is more like it, because the 1:10-scale DeAgostini Toyota 2000GT is the model that kicked off the modern age … Continue reading

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Inside the world of Kimono My House, one of the oldest Japanese hobby shops in the US

Before anime and Japanese sci-fi became mainstream on US shores, a small hobby shop in Emeryville, California filled that niche for those in the know. Kimono My House is probably the oldest Japanese toy store in the United States, its … Continue reading

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Epic Diecast Car Chase: S130 Fairlady Z and Silhouette Skyline vs Firebird Trans-Am

No, it’s not Friday yet but this Tomica-filled car chase could not be chained back. Imagine an alternate universe that has Smokey and the Bandit fused with the cars and violence of Seibu Keisatsu. It’s The Fastest Yellow & Red … Continue reading

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Kidney, Anyone? Actual J-Tin Toyota Crowns

Forget Tomicas and Choro-Qs, those are nice toys but the real money’s in J-Tin. No, not that J-tin, but actual toy cars from the 60s made of real tinplate. Most have friction motors inside that can move the car if … Continue reading

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Datsun 280ZX Go-Kart

We like to check out what’s going on at the Datsun Heritage Museum every couple of months or so, as they’re always changing the cars around and adding more cool exhibits. On our most recent trip there we spotted this … Continue reading

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Billet Aluminium Hakosuka Skyline

For those of you who are looking to upgrade from Choro-Qs…here’s your chance! It’s a billet alloy KPGC10 Skyline.  And if you have to ask, no you can’t afford it.  Details after the jump.

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Datsun 510 Reborn, in Hot Wheels Form

Like, OMG. Back in July, we reported that a vintage import was on its way into the Hot Wheels lineup. Well here it is, the Datsun 510! And it looks fantastic, with a BRE-style front spoiler, fender flares, and perfect … Continue reading

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JNC Superdeformed Launch Contest

To celebrate our recent magazine launch, we’re giving away a few little trinkets that we picked up from our trip to Japan. Nothing special, just a few super deformed pullback cars that fly across your kitchen floor like a startled … Continue reading

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JNC in Japan: Day 6

No, we haven’t come to an untimely death by offending the wrong yakuza lieutenant, accidentally driving down the wrong side of the wangan, or eating ill-prepared fugu. Much to the chagrin of some, we are very much alive, but our … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 4

Fun fact: 80% of Tokyo’s mass consists of vending machines, convenience stores, and arcades with coin-operated capsule dispensers. This is all an effort to drive the sales of mystery boxes, which ranks 4th in Japan’s top 10 industries, right between … Continue reading

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I'm In Ur Kar, De4min Itz Proporshuns

If there’s one thing the Japanese love, it’s superdeformation. Do not be alarmed. That simply means the superdeformee’s features are exaggerated to give it a cartoonish, caricatured look. Everything from animals to anime characters get the treatment, and even inanimate … Continue reading

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Economies of Scale

When we were kids, we’d scuff up furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and anything else our parents valued with hundreds of little metal cars. Of course, in the US that meant Matchbox or Hot Wheels, and for a brief while, Pocket … Continue reading

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Models! No, Made of Plastic. Of Cars, That Is

Look closely. Closer. Notice something? If you can believe it, these are not images of real cars. Their creator, known only as pcman, is one of the most talented scale model builders we have ever seen, through a glue-induced haze … Continue reading

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Random Pic: Jump for Toy

Remember Power Wheels, those battery-powered kid-mobiles with big plastic wheels that inevitably deformed and cracked if the car was anywhere but the kitchen floor? In the US we can recall two flavors – Jeep and Corvette – but as with … Continue reading

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