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California bill may exempt pre-1981 cars from smog testing

Car nuts in states which are not California may envy our perpetual sunshine and plentiful kyuusha stocks, but when it comes to our emissions laws they just point and laugh. Most states have a rolling cutoff for cars of a … Continue reading

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NHTSA List of Every Cash for Clunkers Car

The NHTSA has released a list of all 690,114 cars traded in in the Cash for Clunkers program. Keep in mind that the list is unverified and based on dealer reports. Most of the cars we know and love have … Continue reading

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Toyota Says Crush Your Cruiser for Cash

This is an actual commercial from Toyota in which they encourage you to crush your classic Land Cruiser in exchange for a Cash for Clunkers voucher. Obviously a two-door FJ60 is a nonexistent beast, so was Toyota USA just creating … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers: Fail or Win?

So last week was the first for the dreaded Cash for Clunkers program and it’s been either wildly successful or a dismally mismanaged failure depending on how you look at it. First, the government thought it might run out of … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Cash for Clunkers is Law

The Cash for Clunkers law we’ve all been dreading passed both houses of Congress and was signed by the President yesterday. Although funding was reduced to $1 billion from its original $4 billion, and is limited to a four-month window, … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers Bill Passes Senate

Well that was quick. The national Cash for Clunkers bill just passed Senate largely in tact, except senators chose to cut the funding from 4 billion dollars to one billion. Now it moves back to the House for review and … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers Not as Bad as We Thought

Well, the House of Representatives approved the Cash for Clunkers bill last night. That means drivers trading an older car for a more fuel efficient one can get up to a $4500 toward their new car from the government. But … Continue reading

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Oh Crap, Japan Adopts Cash for Clunkers

Well it was bound to happen. The Cash for Clunker program has hit the motherload, in the motherland of our favorite cars. Japan is now offering citizens ¥250,000 (about $2500) towards the purchase of a new car if they trade … Continue reading

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Uh Oh: National Cash for Clunkers Bill Coming

As we predicted over a year ago, the Cash for Clunkers program offered by states such as California and Texas is going national.

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CA Seeks to Smog Check 15 Year Old Cars, Again

Last August California assemblyman Dave Jones put forth a bill that sought to apply the state’s strict emissions inspections to cars 15 years or older. The bill was defeated, but now Jones is at it again. This time funds from … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers, UK Edition

Egad! As if the moist climate of  Ye Olde World hasn’t taken enough old J-tin, it appears that Cash for Clunkers programs are now being rolled out in the UK as well. In this piece titled “Money for old rope? … Continue reading

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Cash For Clunkers, German Edition

Achtung! Ze Germans are getting in on the cash for clunkers program as well. The government is giving people who trade in an old car for scrap up to 2500 euros. In the first two days of the program’s existence, … Continue reading

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Cash for Clunkers: A Small Victory for Our Side

We’re still catching up from last week’s SEMA MPMC conference, but one of the important things we learned there was that the recent threat of a national “Cash for Clunkers” program has been defeated. Yay! Thanks to everyone that wrote … Continue reading

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Old Car Disposal Programs Going National

What a way to start off the year. Politicians are at it again. Remember buybacks? These were programs offered by states like California and Texas that paid owners for their old cars. The lawmakers claimed taking these vehicles off the … Continue reading

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Nostalgics Under Attack Again from CA Bill

California may not have much rust, but it’s got something far, far worse: lawmakers on the constant attack against old cars. The latest culprit is Assemblyman Dave Jones, who has drafted a bill that would require all cars 15 years … Continue reading

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Buy Back Programs Destroying Old Cars

Here’s some truly disturbing news for nostalgic car owners. We recently spotted a billboard portraying a Datsun B210 as a generic polluting old car while visiting NorCal for the Motoring J Style show. Turned out, it was part of a … Continue reading

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Canada May Halt 15-Year Import Law

Oh Canada! For so long you have tempted us with your lax car import laws and maple syrup. Alas, now it appears that forces within your health-care providing government are plotting to away with your 15 year rule, which allowed … Continue reading

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CA Proposal Threatening Pre-1976 Cars Denied

YES, we’ve got some great news! Last month we told you about a proposed California bill that would have made it mandatory in certain parts of the state to continue emissions testing on pre-1976 cars for the life of the … Continue reading

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Proposed CA Bill Threatens Pre-1976 Cars

California State Senator Dean Florez has proposed a new bill that, if passed, will repeal the emissions exemption on pre-1976 cars in eight California counties. This means your classic car would have to pass California’s emissions test for the life … Continue reading

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