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Recycling Old Cars in Japan — With Fire

So you want to recycle the metal from an old Bluebird to satisfy the demand for new 510s. But you don’t want all that pesky rubber and plastic to contaminate your molten steel. What to do? Burn it off on … Continue reading

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Meet Your New Koreisha Mark

The votes are in and Japan’s National Police Agency has just announced its new Koreisha Mark. The four-color clover, created by a 31-year-old graphic designer from Osaka, was selected as the winner among four proposed symbols. It will replace the … Continue reading

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The New and Improved(?) Elderly Driver's Mark

As we reported last October, the Japanese government is changing the time-honored Koreisha Mark. Problem was, senior citizens deemed the current design — a teardrop shaped leaf in fall colors (center) — rather insulting and complained to the National Police … Continue reading

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The Abandoned Cars of Ageo Bedroom Town

Thirty-five kilometers north of Tokyo is Ageo. A once semi-rural area, its main inhabitants are now mostly daily commuters to Tokyo — the famous Japanese salaryman and the odd OL — trudging off via their packed trains to slave away … Continue reading

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NIHON LIFE: The Shuto, Tokyo’s Elevated Expressways

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Expressway — Shuto Kōsoku Dōro (or just the Shuto) — is Tokyo’s answer to handling large volumes of traffic traversing the megalopolis.

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RT40 Toyota Corona Will Survive in Miyagi-ken

Unlike some rural areas of Japan, the blue-skied Miyagi-ken, in the northern areas of Honshu, seem to be retaining their prosperity. The cows live indoors, the residents drive new cars and build new houses — even some in Meiji-era castle style, … Continue reading

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Shoto Incongruities

One of the curious aspects of Tokyo living is the often cliched perspective of the new vs. the old. The fall-back standard for no-need-to-think international correspondents who like to show keitai girls in yukata, shinkansen and rice-fields, cosplay and temples, … Continue reading

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Bless Your Car, JDM Style

Some Japanese believe that if you have your car blessed by a Buddhist priest, you will avoid accidents, tickets, and possibly even bird droppings. Kawasaki-Daishi is one of the temples that has a parking lot for this exact purpose. The … Continue reading

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Nissan Skyline & Electric Vehicle Postage Stamps

If you’re expecting mail from Japan you might be lucky enough to receive a Nissan Skyline or two. The automaker is teaming up with the Minami Kanto Regional Office (Nissan’s home turf) of the Japan Post Network to offer these … Continue reading

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JNC Reader Visits "Vintage" Vintage Car Dealership

Nakazoto is a JNC reader who lives in Nagoya, Japan. He’s graciously posted two of his visits to a local classic car dealership called, simply, Vintage. Check out his photos here and here.

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TE27 Levin & Trueno: A Pair of Ripe Mangos

Here’s a good shot illustrating the differences between the TE27 Toyota Corolla Levin (back) and Sprinter Trueno. You never see the two parked side by side here in the US. The mechanically identical cars have only superficial visual differences, most … Continue reading

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Isuzu, Subaru and Daihatsu Label Liquor

The beauty of Kimi Kurasu Machi carrot shochu is that it combines three Japanese crazes — that of regional delicacies, alcohol, and limited edition products — and wraps them all in a label illustrated with nostalgic cars.

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Koreisha Mark to Undergo Redesign?

After all this time we still get questions about the JNC logo. Specifically, the teardrop-shaped leaf in the upper right hand corner. To explain, we must first describe the Wakaba Mark for beginning drivers. The Japanese government requires that new … Continue reading

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1600-Plus Mazda MX-5 Roadsters Celebrate 20th Anniversary

More than 1600 MX-5 Roadsters swarmed Mazda‘s hometown of Hiroshima, Japan on September, 20 for what has to be a new world record in single-model gatherings. After all, the MX-5 already holds the Guinness record for best selling two-seater droptop … Continue reading

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Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

Need a gurachan spoiler and some wicked fender flares for your kenmeri Skyline? Swing by Saitama’s Mizuno Works, a shop specializing in bosozoku style bombers.

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Another Blog Chock Full of Rotting J-Tin

Remember the exploits of the Kusahiro Exploration Corps? Well here’s Dara Dara Seikatsu’s blog to further document the oxidizing nostalgics of Japan and ruin your day. Thanks to reader Charlie C. for the tip!

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First Look Inside Nissan Gallery Yokohama

Last week we mentioned that Nissan was opening a gallery at their recently relocated headquarters now in Yokohama. The grand opening was on Monday, and here are some photos of the new digs.

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Nissan Gallery To Open in Yokohama

Come August, Nissan will be opening a gallery showroom at its new headquarters in Yokohama. According to the press release, part of the gallery will display classic and race cars alongside new models. It will be about four times the … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Pixar's Tokyo Mater

If you thought the one thing missing from Pixar’s Cars was some JDM flava, then this is the video for you. In this animated short Mater and Lightning McQueen hit the mean streets of Tokyo for some street racing action … Continue reading

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Oh Crap, Japan Adopts Cash for Clunkers

Well it was bound to happen. The Cash for Clunker program has hit the motherload, in the motherland of our favorite cars. Japan is now offering citizens ¥250,000 (about $2500) towards the purchase of a new car if they trade … Continue reading

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