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[Aus] ToyMods Weekend

The Australian Toyota community Toymods have organised a weekend away in November, so if you’ve got a classic Toyota, jump over to their forums and check it out.

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Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap – Photos

Our man Craig from spent Sunday at the Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap (which we mentioned back here) up in Queensland, Australia, and snapped a bunch of photos for us. I’ve uploaded them to our spanky new gallery … Continue reading

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Poll Archive


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Featured Car: Ryley Fry’s MkII Supra

Known in the motherland by the far less exciting (and one X short of pornstat status) moniker Celica XX, the MkII MA61 Celica Supra is a front runner in the next generation of cars from the 80s gunning for “classic” … Continue reading

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Welcome to grandJDM, a website devoted to classic (and usually modified) Japanese cars. JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market, a term which technically refers to any product sold in Japan but not elsewhere – for example, the Honda … Continue reading

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LINKS Websites/Blogs 510Garage AutoFix Auto Otaku CarDomain blog The Drift Scene Evo Blogs JDM Insider Fat Lace Grip Unit Hella Flush Import Jap Old School Imports TunerZine Wheelspin XtremeStylin’ Communities This section has been divided into subcategories, to help you … Continue reading

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Luke, I Am Your Father

I imagine that in the case of the 350Z, a 240Z declaring itself as the newer Z’s father would bring more of a “Oh snap, for real? Sweet!” response rather than a whiny little “NOOOO!”, but that’s all I got. … Continue reading

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More grandJDM Wallpaper Goodness

Alright folks, I’ve spent all morning tweaking this one to get it just right for the various resolutions that we’re offering today, so I hope they’re what you’re after! Once again, I was a little limited by the original dimensions … Continue reading

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How Obsessed Are You?

I like to think I’m fairly obsessed with cars, old and new, but some folks really put me to shame.  I’m not sure I could ever have the badge of my favourite car emblazoned across my skin in anything more … Continue reading

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Koich’s F20C-powered TA22

I mentioned Koich’s F20C-powered TA22 (an engine normally found humming away inside the Honda S2000) way back here, but today I came across his Flickr gallery for the car. It nicely chronicles in a massive set of photos the path … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Sometimes, Virtual Reality is Okay

Hell, if you can’t own it in out here in the real world, you may as well own it online. And for the cost of a 360 and a few hours behind the wheel—so to speak—it’s a lot cheaper than … Continue reading

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[USA] Porsche Datsun Challenge

As Robert Duvall’s character in Days of Thunder said, “He didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he rubbed you. And rubbin, son, is racin‘.” But to be honest, I don’t think I could ever let … Continue reading

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Seibu Keisatsu video clips

Kev nicely covered this badass Japanese cop show back here, but this week Hirst from unearthed the first two episodes, as well as a few clips from episode 38. I thought American cop shows from the 70s and 80s … Continue reading

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The JCCS Rundown

Well, while two of the three grandJDM staffers were up somewhere in rural Australia thrashing various Japanese cars both new and old at a motorkhana, the Japanese Classic Car Show was taking place on the other side of the world … Continue reading

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grandJDM wallpaper, at last!

Well folks, here’s our very first wallpaper. The model that was gracious enough to pose for us, is Lachy’s C110 GT-R replica. We’d love to know what you think of it, so shoot us an email with your comments, or … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

Here’s a new feature on grandJDM for you; the “Did You Know?” post! Exciting stuff, huh? Alright, probably not, but let’s move on! Here’s a little Toyota trivia that I stumbled across earlier today. Toyota used variations of the name … Continue reading

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Melbournites, This is a Call!

Melbournites of the Australian variety, that is. Sorry Florida! If you’re in Melbourne and you think you might like the idea of attending an All-Japanese car show, you need to hop your ass over to the JNC forums (and in … Continue reading

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[Aus] Classic Japanese Show Shine and Swap

I mentioned the upcoming Japanese Classic Car Show recently, but of course with it being in the US, no doubt some of our Aussie readers are lamenting the cruelty of geography and the lack of airlines offering fifty dollar seats … Continue reading

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Bring Back the Mazda RX-3

Mazda have utilised Facebook to launch a design competition, charging entrants with the task of determining what the Mazda 3 of 2018 will look like.The good thing about this design comp is that, frankly, it’s not much of one! If … Continue reading

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[USA] Japanese Classic Car Show 2007

I’m quite sure none of you need to be reminded that the Japanese Classic Car Show for 2007 is coming up in October, but for those living under a rock in a trench somewhere in the Pacific, get over to … Continue reading

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