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The Dome Zero Lives On

Well, at least in pop culture. And even then, only just barely. Music mixing community The Mixing Bowl are, from what I can tell, in the process of putting together a compilation of mixes from artists on their forums. The … Continue reading

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Brand New MkIII Supra

Alright, so this isn’t strictly classic, but hey. It’s a slow news day. I don’t know much about this car—suffice to say it’s virtually brand new, right down to the plastic sheets and covers over just about everything, and the … Continue reading

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Welcome back to grandNissan

Hot damn. I swear on your ma, we’re not as biased toward Nissan as you’d think—There’s just a frightening lack of happenings out there for the other marques that are worth mentioning. And as I always say, if we’re missing … Continue reading

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Wanna Win Yourself a Stack of Cash?

Well, enter the lotto. But if you’d like to win a US$50 voucher to—seller of fine Nostalgic JDM car magazines, among other vaguely relevant swag—all you have to do is send us your favourite photo of a classic JDM … Continue reading

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Now For Something A Little More Relevant

As cool as a wood-fuel-powered truck may be, that example in my previous post is a little less classic and a little more ancient than we generally like to cover here. So here’s something a little more up our alley. … Continue reading

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Gramps Was a Genius

I tell ya, those folks back in the 20th century really had their heads screwed on right. We might make fun of them for sending “letters” through the “post” and “making their own dinner at home in the kitchen”, but … Continue reading

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The Hottest of Hot Hatches

Well before the likes of the MazdaSpeed 3 and the Civic Type R, crazy little funoboxes (hah, I totally just made that up) like the Starlet and the 310 were kicking around. I still see quite a few modified Starlets … Continue reading

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Starion to Star in Upcoming JDM Film

Kev’s article a while ago on the Mitsubishi Starion, while being a great read and generally well-received, also fueled quite a bit of negative feedback from a couple of forums around the web. There seemed to have been some confusion … Continue reading

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I Just Saved A Ton of Money on Giken!

If you’re anything like me, your obsession with cars—classic or new—is more about the style and the driving pleasure than what’s happening inside the engine, behind the wheels, or in that long steel thing between the front seats. Every now … Continue reading

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If I Were Ever Going to Break and Enter…

…This would be the place. I don’t know too much about this, but it looks like the owner of these photos took a trip to some sort of Nissan warehouse slash museum, and promptly wet himself. Well alright, he didn’t … Continue reading

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VQ? Why, that’d be Very Quick.

I first mentioned Austin Hoke’s S30Z way back in September (I remember it like it was just over a month ago), but I discovered this week—I’m a bit slow sometimes—that he’s in the process of slotting a VQ35DE into it. … Continue reading

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Hit The Polls

Firstly, folks, thanks for all the responses to the sticker poll. We’ve got a good idea now of how to go about our plan for world domination hooking you all up with stickers, so that’s ace. But now, we want … Continue reading

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Featured Car: Arnel’s C10 GT-R Replica

It might be safe to say that Arnel Ilog has something of an obsession with classic Japanese steel. When most of us determine that it’s time to buy a new classic, we’re forced to sit down and decide for how … Continue reading

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The Fairest of Them All

I know a guy, right, with a stunning S30Z right here in my town. You might recall seeing it way back in this wallpaper post, actually. A couple of weeks ago, he and a buddy of his hit the suburban … Continue reading

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This Week at J-Spec

Update: It’s not a genuine GT-R after all! Snap. Who feels like an idiot then eh? That’d be me. I nearly wept when I saw this C10 listed on J-Spec this week. It’s a genuine C10 GT-R (though with an … Continue reading

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Nothin’ Silly About This Celica

We approached Brian months ago to see if he’d be interested in having his stunning RA29 Celica featured here at grandJDM, but he mentioned that he’d just contracted to have it featured in Super Street magazine, and that exclusivity was … Continue reading

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Looking For Something a Little Different?

If you’re keen to get your hands on some classic JDM, but you’d rather something a little more unique than the tried and true S30, C10, TE27, RX-3—and so on—this might be just what Doctor Jay D. Emm (see what … Continue reading

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The Great Wall(paper) of grandJDM

That’s right folks, I been slavin’ over the Photostove for unthinkable hours yet again, pullin’ some more desktops outta the oven. The photos for all of these wallpapers were of course taken by the owners of the cars – Arnel, … Continue reading

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[Aus] weekend

Not to be outdone by ToyMods, are also organising a weekend away for their members on the 10th to the 11 of November. If you’re interested in going along, jump over to their forums and check it out.

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Sticker ‘Em Up, Pal.

So, we’re thinking a neat idea would be to offer some grandJDM stickers. We’ve had readers ask if stickers are on the cards, and we just weren’t sure if classic JDM enthusiasts are the type to have stickers on their … Continue reading

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