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We’re Big In Japan

We get a lot of emails here at grandJDM – especially when Kev has one of his ridiculous giveaways (when are you people gonna start working for your prizes eh? Bloody slackers!) – but I think the one I received … Continue reading

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Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine, Coming in April!

What the hell’s this, spamming for the competition? Or perhaps the JNC boys have hacked grandJDM, posting their own content?! Not quite! For the past few months, Kev and I have been working hard alongside Ben and Dan at … Continue reading

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RB-Powered Hako Hits The Hills

A nod goes out to Auto Otaku once again for yet another great find.  Here’s a couple of videos of RB-powered C10s, and while I admit I’d rather have an L28 myself, there’s definitely nothing upsetting about these swaps; especially … Continue reading

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Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s

Word on the street is that Snoop Dogg is putting together a band, called Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s. So alright, that was a lie. I have to confess (happily) that I’m not in even the slightest way a … Continue reading

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Get Your Hobby On

Lately I’ve gotten crazy for model cars, after the stupid night I spent turning my desktop scanner into a diorama. When a buddy linked me to these RC cars, I wasn’t instantly blown away—until I saw the number of shells … Continue reading

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In Other, Vaguely Relevant News

Oh hell yes. I have no idea what these cars are (Charades? 121s? My knowledge of buzzboxes is minimal), whether they’re even Japanese, or where the hell this video was filmed, but it’s just too damn awesome to leave out. … Continue reading

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Kareha Leaf T-shirt? Naaaiiiiiccce.

While searching for something completely unrelated on the googles, I stumbled across this Kareha leaf t-shirt. What it says, I have no idea – presumably something like “old driver for please be watching out” – but it’s cool nonetheless. Nice … Continue reading

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Kataoka Racing Service’s Sweet Gallery

A couple of weeks ago, Auto Otaku – genius websearcher that he is – posted a link to a website he found in his stumblings; Kataoka Racing service. They’ve got a great gallery of photos from events all around Japan, … Continue reading

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Great Replica, or Ruined Z?

Autoblog today linked to a video showing a replica of a Ferrari GTO, built off a 240Z donor body. This isn’t an all together unusual project, but each and every time, I find myself asking why. I suppose the answers … Continue reading

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Obsessions Come In All Shapes and Sizes

So, I have an A3 (as in the paper size) flatbed scanner sitting on my desk, taking up a lot of room. ‘Til now, it’s had some toys sitting on it, etc. When it’s not being used, obviously. But I’ve … Continue reading

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Mister Bishi’s Motoring Museum

Heh, Mister Bishi. You see what I did there. Mitsubishi—a company for which I’ve not yet been able to find an appealing enough classic to feature on grandJDM—have got a great section of their website devoted to keeping stans informed … Continue reading

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Nismo Festival – Disneyland for Nissan Fans

This weekend just past saw the Fuji Speedway play host to the Nismo Festival, an annual event created for Nissan fans to pay homage to the marque that’s been keeping Japanese performance and style fans foaming for generations. grandJDM might … Continue reading

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King of Classic VIP – Toyota Century D-Type

Oh dag. I don’t know a damn thing about this particular model Century, but I love it. As far as Centurys go, I know what I’ve learned from Lachy’s feature, and of course Wikipedia. But even Wikipedia doesn’t describe in … Continue reading

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The Datto 200B Lives On, in Scotland

Here’s a great feature article on Anthony Reid’s Datsun 200B from the unfortunately now-defunct Retro Cars Magazine in England, a magazine which inspired the creation of online communities like Retro Rides, and through such communities were born the likes of … Continue reading

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S32Z? R30Z? Ze Lines, Zey Blur!

While quickly checking out these great photos of an extremely slick S30Z over at Auto Otaku, I was about to close the page before I suddenly noticed – Hey, that’s not an S30 interior. It’s straight out of an R32 … Continue reading

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Retro Done Right

Here I am, working towards getting up the cash to put together my own classic JDM machine, and there are folks out there with more than one! It’s one thing to have your main classic and a second car as … Continue reading

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JapaneseNostalgicCar Announce Magazine

Whoa. What a night. I come home from a dinner where a lifelong buddy and his girl announced their engagement, and now I see JNC have made an announcement of their own. I’m not sure which one has made a … Continue reading

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Laurel SGX at JapaneseNostalgicCar

I’m more than a little in love with this car. After I saw it in the round of photos from this year’s Japanese Classic Car Show, I was stuper keen to feature it on grandJDM. But, alas, JNC had beaten … Continue reading

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Do YOU Come With the Car?

“Oh you!” If you’re hoping to jump into the classic JDM market and snap up a bargain, one possible obstacle could be the ol’ ball-and-chain. Otherwise known as the wife. Some of us are lucky enough to have understanding partners … Continue reading

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Empire Z – Dec 1st

Empire Z will be holding a meet on December 1st. Empire Z will be holding its First Annual Car Show located at Corona Nissan on December 1st from 9am to 3pm. There will be cars, music, food, raffle prizes, goody … Continue reading

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