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Kaiketsu Zubat’s nuclear-engined Zubacar — Guess the Tokusatsu Car

The 1977 series Kaiketsu Zubat is unusual in the tokusatsu genre in that it didn’t involve superheros, aliens, or monsters. The star was just a regular dude named Ken Hayakawa whose best friend gets murdered in the very first episode. … Continue reading

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Classic Japanese cars shot up in ‘Hunt’ movie’s recreation of 1980s Tokyo

One of the central action setpieces in the 2022 movie Hunt is a bloody shootout on the streets of 1980s Tokyo. It features several vintage Japanese cars that become machine gun fodder, but the scene wasn’t filmed in Tokyo at … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo 7’s May update brings back original GT era classics

Gran Turismo 7‘s latest update is a real treat for those of us who grew up with the franchise. It introduces three iconic Japanese cars that were modern when the original game came out in 1997, and it’s almost hard … Continue reading

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NSX, multiple Type R Integras, and an original Honda Cub — an engineer’s car collection

Bryan Hourt is a chief engineer who has worked at Honda for 27 years. He’s worked on projects like the Acura TLX, Honda’s safety systems, and others. But one peek in his garage and you’ll see where his passions lie. … Continue reading

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Chojin Barom 1’s Mach Rod — Guess the Tokusatsu Car!

Chojin Barom 1 is a superhero formed when two childhood friends, one smart and one strong, are chosen to protect the Earth from evil demon-like creatures called Dorge. Naturally, a champion of that stature requires a suitable chariot, and the … Continue reading

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QotW: What Japanese racing livery should be revived?

We were pleasantly shocked last week when Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing revealed that they’d be bringing back Toyota’s WRC and JGTC Castrol livery — on a Ford Mustang, no less. It got us thinking about what other famous Japanese racing … Continue reading

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Netflix’s ‘Senna’ trailer: Brace your eyes for glorious McLaren-Honda MP4 action

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming miniseries about celebrated Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna. Considered one of the greatest drivers of all time, Senna won three world championships while driving for McLaren-Honda, an era of dominance that is … Continue reading

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Castrol TOM’s Supra livery rides again — in NASCAR

The iconic red, green, and white livery from the JGTC Castrol TOM’s Supra is making a comeback, but not on a Supra, Toyota, or even in Super GT. The reincarnated colors will instead be emblazoned on the No.6 Ford Mustang … Continue reading

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Toyota Starlet revival could actually be happening, maybe

After Akio Toyoda stepped down as CEO of Toyota last year a shuffling of the ranks put Tomoya Takahashi at the helm of Gazoo Racing. As it happens Takahashi was a big fan of the Toyota Starlet hot hatch, and … Continue reading

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Bosch to launch classic car service workshops in Japan

Bosch Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of German parts supplier Bosch, has announced the Bosch Classic Car Service program t0 help keep older cars on the road. BCCS targets cars that are 15 years or older, an age at which many … Continue reading

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‘Initial D’ Mazda RX-7 computer mouse slides across your desk with ease

If your computer mouse isn’t the fastest downhill peripheral on Mt Desktop, perhaps you need to upgrade to this Initial D one. Modeled after Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC  Mazda RX-7, the mouse is a dead ringer for the White Comet of … Continue reading

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Toyota Corona ads like this helped establish the brand in the US

Toyota’s entry into the US market was famously disastrous. The Toyopet Crown was built for crowded Japanese alleys, not wide American highways, and its troubled launch almost sent Toyota back to Japan entirely. What redeemed the company was the introduction … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi restored the Lancer Evolution III that won the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1996

If you were to ask which Japanese carmaker was least likely to drop some coin on their heritage collection, we doubt Mitsubishi would be at the top of anyone’s list. It hasn’t been a good couple of decades for them, … Continue reading

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A first look inside the remodeled Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi

If you’re a Hot Wheels collector, sometimes you just have to pull everything out of storage and go through it. Honda has been doing a similar thing, except with its entire car collection. It recently opened a new Racing Gallery … Continue reading

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QotW: What advice or stories do you have about tires?

Today, April 8, is Tire Day in Japan. The day was established by the Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association to remind people to inspect their tires, and in fact JATMA holds free tire inspections at popular expressway rest stops throughout … Continue reading

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Here’s what Initial D would look like if it took place in America

The web has countless works of art inspired by Initial D, but here’s a completely original take on the seminal anime. A “what if” short imagines what the touge racing tale would look like if it took place in America. … Continue reading

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Toyota GT-One arrives in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7‘s latest update packs some serious horsepower. Notably, it marks the return of the Toyota GT-One, among the most beautiful and the most tragic Le Mans racers of the last 25 years. The 780-horsepower monster was a force … Continue reading

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QotW: Which Nissan model is the most Nissan?

This is going to be a tough one. Not only has Nissan has built a wide variety of enthusiast cars over its 90 years in business, it has created icons over and over again. From the Datsun 510 to the … Continue reading

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Life-size Nissan Silvia S14 recreated for car lover’s wedding

A Japanese couple recently went viral on social media for having a Nissan Silvia S14 displayed at their wedding. The car in the photo above isn’t just any S14, though. The groom’s beloved Silvia proved impossible to get into the … Continue reading

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Japanese detailers clean up a Toyota TE27 Corolla Levin

After seeing several detailers work their magic on classic Nihon steel, we wondered how such things are done in Japan. We weren’t able to unearth a video of anyone cleaning a full-on rat poop-infested husk, but we were able to … Continue reading

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