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QotW: What car would you choose for a 100 horsepower or less cross-country rally?

Three years ago there was an invitation-only Cannonball-style cross-country rally for cars 100 horsepower or less. It was called the Musketball. Among the entrants were a Suzuki kei van decorated like the famous Trans-Con Medivac ambulance. So naturally we got … Continue reading

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QotW: What lower-spec car would you be willing to own?

One JNC rule of thumb is that one should strive for top spec when buying a classic car. However, that’s not always possible, especially with prices rising the way they are. Furthermore, it often overlooks perfectly acceptable — desirable, even — … Continue reading

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QOTW: What should become of the totaled JNC FD Mazda RX-7 R1?

The sad specimen you see here is all that remains of JNC’s formerly mint original 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1. Purchased from its fastidious original owner, this once-beautiful FD was one of only 350 R1s produced in Competition Yellow Mica, putting … Continue reading

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QotW: What formerly unremarkable JNC now sparks joy?

I’ve been in Monterey since 10:30 Sunday morning preparing for Car Week festivities. So far this 1991 Honda Accord Coupe has been the coolest thing I’ve seen, and it’s unlikely to be surpassed. It’s got a 5-speed manual, Pebble Beach … Continue reading

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QotW: What cars would you put in your dream garage for $250,000?

We at JNC often play fantasy garage games, some of which turn into Questions of the Week. The latest one involves selecting eight (8) collector or fun cars, no more, no less. This does not include your daily driver, but … Continue reading

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The Toyota 2000GT Shelby racer is the first Japanese classic to break $2 million at auction

The Carroll Shelby-tuned Toyota 2000GT race car we wrote about earlier this week has sold for $2,535,000, becoming the first Japanese car to cross the $2 million threshold at auction. It’s a stunning result. Originally, we had some doubts it … Continue reading

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Damn straight the Acura Integra Type R is worth $112,000

History was made on January 29, when a 7,000-mile Acura Integra Type R sold for $112,112 on Bring a Trailer. This stunning result was the highest figure ever achieved for an ITR on BaT, and possibly the highest price paid … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Radwood NorCal 2021

Outside of genre-specific gatherings like JCCS or All Toyotafest, the automotive event that’s most embraced classic Japanese cars is Radwood. While cars from all countries of origin are welcome at the series of 80s and 90s-themed shows, rather than being … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s the story behind your first car?

Remember your first car? No, not that one, your first car. It was probably three inches long, made of diecast metal, and ran on childhood dreams. Think of the way it felt in your hand, how fast it rolled, how … Continue reading

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A Mazda RX-7 FD has sold for $60,000 at auction

Over the weekend a 1993 Mazda RX-7 sold for $60,000. The car in question was finished in Competition Yellow Mica, considered the most desirable color in the FD palette and exclusive to first-year performance-oriented R1 packages. Only 350 CYMs were … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your playlist for the year your car was made?

One of the many charms of an old car is its ability to transport us back in time, whether it’s in the way they drive, sound, or smell. To truly immerse yourself in the motoring experience that your classic offers, … Continue reading

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QotW: How would you build your $10,000 JNC garage?

With the prices of Japanese cars climbing by the day, the ability to hop on Craigslist and find a fun, reliable J-tin classic are mostly gone. But, there are still great cars out there that haven’t yet seen Supra value … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your $25,000 autocross, road, and rally race garage?

You are starting a JNC grassroots motorsports team, and you’re going to compete in three distinct racing types: Autocross: Generally SCCA, but also marque clubs like the Porsche club if you want to. You’ll want a car with quickness and … Continue reading

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ART CORNER: Yamaha is here to help you crochet a bike out of actual yarn

Of all the coronavirus activities that companies have encouraged us to partake in over the last few months, Yamaha’s might just be the most bizarre. The motorcycle maker has an entire series of downloadable templates that allow you to crochet … Continue reading

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Happy St Patrick’s Day from JNC

We are members of the green car fan club around here, and the Kyoseki Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A race car is one of our favorites. Stay safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from JNC!

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MARKETWATCH: A mint Datsun 240Z has sold for $310,000

If there is one constant in the collector car market, it’s that the best cars will always find willing buyers for strong money. Exhibit A: A series-1 Datsun 240Z worthy of consideration as possibly the finest original example in the … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s the best use of a JNC in cinema?

Recently around the ol’ JNC water cooler, we had a discussion about movies that contained excellent scenes of Japanese cars. We’re not talking random fillers but, cars that served to enhance the character’s persona. We asked a similar question in … Continue reading

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MINICARS: Upcoming AUTOart 1:18 releases

Collectors of scale-model JNCs have come to expect beautifully detailed 1:18 pieces from AUTOart, though new releases can come along with maddening infrequency. Thankfully, news from the 2019 Shizuoka Hobby Show indicates that the coming year will be a veritable … Continue reading

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Happy TE51 Day from JNC

The Heisei Era is over, and the Reiwa Era has begun. However, we’re going to Showa ourselves out with a third-generation Toyota Corolla Sport Coupe, or TE51. It may not be the most celebrated holiday on the JNC calendar, but … Continue reading

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish-spec Toyota AE86

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day, the most hackneyed of holidays, that magical time of year when Americans tack up caricatures of supposed Irish culture like shamrocks and leprechauns and guzzle offensively named cocktails. Why not switch it up and salute authentically … Continue reading

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