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Mitsubishi 3000GT car phone made functional again, despite total network shutdown 15 years ago

It never fails to impress us how deeply one can nerd out over some obscure aspect of the car hobby. We’ve seen insanely detailed customized Hot Wheels, logic-defying audio setups, and single-model shrines whose devotion would rival some actual religious … Continue reading

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QotW: Who would you pick, living or dead, to go for a drive with, and in what car?

Picking a a famous person to hang with is well worn question territory, but we’re going to add our automotive twist to it. You can choose anyone, living or dead, to take a spin in the motor vehicle of your … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo 7 looks to the future, celebrates Japanese classics

Last month, Polyphony Digital dropped the trailer for Gran Turismo 7, the latest iteration its ultimate driving simulator. The gorgeous visuals built on the standard set by GT Sport, along with the promise that we will get to drive on … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The Mazda 323 Protegé LX was good, but not Honda Civic good

Poor Mazda. Even though they typically make great cars that should sell far better than they actually do. This was even true in the late 80s, when the well-reviewed sixth-generation BF 323 was completely overshadowed by, as Motorweek found, by … Continue reading

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RS Watanabe’s classic 8-spoke wheels will soon come in 18-inch fitments

RS Watanabe announced today that the iconic 8-spoke wheel is now available in 18-inch diameters. Widths will range from 7.0J to a massive 10.5J, and they’re available only in a in 5-lug pattern. The offsets on some of the deeper … Continue reading

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A rare 1941 Kurogane Model 1 fire trike is being restored in Russia

A motorcycle museum in Russia is painstakingly restoring a very rare Kurogane Model 1 fire trike. Believed to be the only surviving example, it was uncovered in decrepit state in Malaysia, where it fought fires after being exported from Japan.

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The Acura Integra will return in 2022

Last time we checked, today isn’t April Fool’s, but apparently Acura is going to revive the Integra in 2022. That’s right, the 90s Tuner Era darling, perhaps even the platonic ideal of a sport compact, will be making a comeback … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Mazda UK Celebrates MX-5 Special Editions

The Mazda Miata has had a ton of special editions over the years, and we’re talking just the US models. When you account for all the Miatas sold in all the different markets around the world, their numbers are seemingly … Continue reading

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More than you can afford pal: Toyota Supra Turbo sells for $201,000

Last week, an original owner, 7,000-mile A80 Supra sold for $201,000. It is not the first time a Supra has crossed into the 6-digit territory, but it has set the record for the most an A80 that’s not a movie … Continue reading

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One-owner 1987 Toyota AE86 breaks record with $64,000 sale

A one-owner Toyota AE86 has just sold for $64,000 at auction in the UK. It sets the record for the highest price an AE86 has ever fetched outside of Japan, besting the rusty red hatchback that sold for $40,000 last … Continue reading

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Tom Hanks’ FJ40 Land Cruiser to be auctioned at Monterey

Tom Hanks might be a great actor, but we never knew he had great taste in cars too. The Saving Private Ryan star apparently owns a 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser. However, he won’t own it much longer as it is … Continue reading

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Mazda’s new “R” logo trademark looks suspiciously like a Spirit R badge

Mazda Japan has filed a trademark for a new “R” logo, potentially hinting at a myriad of possibilities regarding its denotation. It’s stylized, battleship grey and red color scheme, and race-car ish aura leads us to believe that the marque … Continue reading

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Sung’s Garage’s new wheel pays homage to Z432

Actor and car guy Sung Kang has unveiled a new three-piece wheel destined for his DocZ project, itself an homage to the Datsun 240Z that dominated the 1971 East African Safari Rally. If you are looking to give your Z … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The 1985 Honda Civic Wagon was the first crossover

Today’s market isn’t particularly kind to small cars, or cars in general, as the would-be small cars on stilts we know as crossovers dominate the sales charts. There was a time in 1985, however, when you could buy a literal … Continue reading

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Reports that Mazda is killing the rotary are not true

Even though Mazda’s new rotary engine is not slated for a sports car, many Mazda enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting its return. However, several English media outlets are reporting today Mazda’s rotary engine is once again on the back burner, … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The Lexus LX450 was the Land Cruiser’s richer cousin, but today their fortunes have reversed

For years the 4×4 market has been hit with the Toyota tax, with a legendary reputation of indestructibility jacking up the prices of Land Cruisers, 4Runners, and pickups. When the Lexus LX450 debuted in 1996 with a $47,500 base price, … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi almost made a Starion 4WD Group B road car

This past Monday’s QotW explored “What JNC concept deserves to be found or restored?” Coincidentally, a never-before-seen Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Group B road car has just been unearthed, albeit in an illustrated and archival form. If it were put into … Continue reading

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KIDNEY, ANYONE? Jun Auto Mechanic’s 1996 Honda Civic

While Honda honors the history of the Civic with hidden easter eggs, celebrating it outright would entail driving a brightly colored screamer built by one of the powerhouses of Japan’s tuning world. There’s no better way to start off the … Continue reading

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The 2022 Honda Civic has a cool throwback Easter Egg

The 11th-generation Honda Civic makes a departure from the spaceship-like previous generation and leans toward the upscale, its angular lines replaced with a more sophisticated dynamic shape reminiscent of Acura. The new interior is said to “reimagine the clean and … Continue reading

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Toyota Supra owner selling car to pay for his cat’s medical expenses finds there is still good in the world

The pandemic has been a reset for mankind, with shelter-in-place orders last year giving us time to wrench on our projects and spend time with our loved ones. However, one man in Osaka was posed with a very difficult choice … Continue reading

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