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Honda Super Cub honored by Japan’s Post Office

Spend any amount of time in Japan and you’ll eventually come across a red Honda Super Cub laden with bags zooming down a narrow street. These are the delivery bikes of Japan Post, the nation’s mail delivery service. Japan Post … Continue reading

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Happy Tire Day from JNC

Did you have a good Tire Gauge Day yesterday? We hope so, because today is the official Tire Day in Japan. Tire Day was started by the Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers’ Association to promote tire safety. April 8 was chosen … Continue reading

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Happy Tire Gauge Day from JNC

Today, April 7, is National Tire Gauge Day in Japan. It serves as a reminder to not only check your tire pressure but your tire pressure gauge as well, as over time its accuracy can diminish from use. This year … Continue reading

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Honda Dax motorcycle revived, joins retro Super Cub and Monkey in 125cc fun club

Honda has been on a roll reviving its most iconic compact motorcycles. The latest one to join the party, the ST125 Dax, has just been released in Europe. As the name implies, it’s powered by the same 125cc four-stroke single … Continue reading

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Happy TE37 Day from JNC

The TE37 Toyota Corolla had one of the cleverest US side marker light adaptations in the automotive universe. In Japan, the TE37 had three vents on the rear of the car. The US market mandated side marker lights, which often … Continue reading

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An A70 Toyota Supra Turbo has sold for almost $89,000

Earlier this year we asked in a Question of the Week what the next six-figure Japanese car would be. Well, it seems that the A70 Toyota Supra Turbo is well on its way to that amount. Yesterday, a practically showroom-new … Continue reading

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Happy Presidents’ Day from JNC

The Nissan President was meant for the leaders of Japanese society — government officials, captains of industry, and other assorted VIPs. It wasn’t enough just to have a bigger, more luxurious car. To really separate yourself from the peons you … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

There needs to be more pink cars. Look how great this Datsun 510 looks in sakura pink. It even has a pink JAF grille badge to match. Just something to consider on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC!

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Happy C210 Day from JNC

Sorry, Yamaha AR210, we are going to celebrate the Nissan Skyline C210 today, February 10, in the year of our overfender, 2022. Sure, the Yamaha might cost $50,000 and can travel on water, but it will never be half as … Continue reading

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The iconic Kawasaki Z1 celebrates 50 years with anniversary models

Everyone’s awaiting the heritage-infused Nissan Z, but there’s another iconic Z that is celebrating its history this year. The Kawasaki Z1 was the most powerful bike in its class when it debuted 50 years ago, in 1972. It was technologically … Continue reading

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Happy TE27 Day from JNC!

It’s good to see that these old ‘Rollas, supplanted and long-forgotten by front-driving commuters, are still out there, doing their thing. This Mango was spotted at the 2022 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique last weekend, one of two Japanese entrants (the other … Continue reading

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Happy TA22 Day from JNC

Toyota made 411,815 first-generation Celicas. It was a huge hit. You sure don’t see many around but, then again, it is more than 50 years old. Toyota sold 83,775 Scion FR-S/86 in the US and Canada during the car’s entire … Continue reading

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Happy Year of the Tiger from JNC

Today is the Lunar New Year and we have now left he Year of the Ox and entered the Year of the Tiger. Unfortunately, the only Tiger cars we know of are the Sunbeam Tiger and the Opel Tigra, neither … Continue reading

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Acura anime series “Chiaki’s Journey” has Initial D vibes

Acura has launched its own anime series, titled Chiaki’s Journey. The story features a young driver, a lonely mountain road, a cocky rival, and a gruff father figure that pushes her to hone her driving skills. Sound familiar? It’s like … Continue reading

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Happy 117 Day from JNC

As a carmaker Isuzu peaked early, but as a result we have the beautiful Isuzu 117 to admire and cherish. The Giugiaro-penned lines were said to have followed the curves of a woman. We’re not entirely sure we see it, … Continue reading

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Happy Kenmeri Day from JNC

It’s January 10, the day we honor the Nissan Skyline C110 chassis. It’s the car that in Japanese culture became synonymous with the romance of the open road. Why not take your JNC for a drive today to celebrate? Happy … Continue reading

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Suzuki 100th Anniversary helmet goes on sale in January

Suzuki Motor is commemorating a century of business with an extremely limited production motorcycle helmet. Based on an Arai RX-7X, the helmet is finished in Suzuki’s MotoGP racing colors with the words “100th Anniversary” printed along the chin guard. It’s … Continue reading

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SHOWA SNAP: Happy Civil Engineering Day from JNC

Today, November 18, is Civil Engineering Day in Japan, when the work of people who build the country’s massive infrastructure is celebrated. Since we marked the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year (and last) it’s only fitting that we mention another … Continue reading

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Yamaha XSR900 joins 80s-inspired retro motorcycle craze

Yamaha has unveiled its new XSR900 ahead of the Milan Motorcycle Show later this month. The sports heritage model is a throwback to the 1980s, when Yamaha’s Grand Prix road racing bikes were vying for world dominance against the likes … Continue reading

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BIKES: Kawasaki revives the 1976 Z650 with retro Z650RS

Kawasaki has introduced a stunning new retro bike inspired by the 1976 Z650. The new Z650RS follows two other throwback bikes that Kawasaki has introduced in recent years, the Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe. The addition of the Z650RS lets those … Continue reading

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