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Happy TE37 Day from JNC

We’ve spent the last few March sevenths honoring the Toyota Corolla TE37, but let’s not forget what is probably the most iconic wheel of the tuner age, the Volk Racing TE37. The instantly recognizable lightweight 6-spoke looks good on a … Continue reading

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Happy R31 Day from JNC

It’s not easy having Godzilla as your younger brother, but the R31 Skyline is an interesting guy too. For example, it was released on August 31, 1985, during a time when Japan was undergoing an industry-wide transition from fender mirrors … Continue reading

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Happy Presidents Day from JNC

As we all know from the Toyota Century, the most luxurious upholstery for your Japanese VIP sled is wool. The JG50 Nissan President also came standard with wool and silk fabrics slathering the interior, but if you really wanted, you … Continue reading

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Happy B210 Day from JNC

The third-generation Nissan Sunny debuted in Japan in 1973, making this year the 50th anniversary of the B210. Nissan sold nearly 900,000 of these bad boys. A good portion of them were sold in the US, where it was called … Continue reading

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Happy TA22 Day from JNC

Please excuse this terrible angle of this shot, taken hastily in the parking lot of the 2011 New Year Meeting, back when that was still a thing. The key part of this Celica is the wild rear spoiler, anyway, which … Continue reading

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Happy Year of the Rabbit from JNC

Long before there were turbocharged boxers and AWD rally monsters coming out of Subaru, there was the Fuji Rabbit. Built from 1946-68, Japan’s first mass-produced scooter helped motorize the post-war citizenry. The sculpted body was made with the know-how of … Continue reading

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Happy Sanitora Day from JNC

Fun fact: Did you know that there are some Sunny Trucks that did not have Hakosuka front ends? It’s true, and they actually look quite good that way. It’s okay not to follow trends on Instagram, people. So today, on … Continue reading

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Honda debuts electric bike versions of iconic Cub, Dax and Ruckus

We’ve spilled much digital ink here at JNC singing the praises of Honda bikes. Now three of the most popular designs from the company’s two-wheeled history have been transformed into electric bicycles for a new generation of riders in the … Continue reading

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Happy Kenmeri Day from JNC

As cool as GT-R clones may be, there’s something pure and simple about a four-banger Kenmeri. Despite two fewer cylinders the Skyline GL evokes no less nostalgia than the flared S20 street machines. In fact these are technically more nostalgic, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from JNC

This year definitely didn’t end the way we had hoped, but 2022 is officially over. Here is a Nissan Prince dealership postcard from 1969 wishing customers a Happy New Year. Here’s to new beginnings and new journeys for 2023. May … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from JNC

Wherever you are, we sincerely hope that all our readers have a happy and healthy holiday season. Stay safe, enjoy cars, and may Japanese Santa Claus bring you everything your hearts desire.

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Retro motorcycles keep winning the Japan Bike of the Year award

The Honda Dax 125 has won Japan’s Bike of the Year for 2022. The mini-bike, which is short for Dachshund, was released back in March and inspired by the original Honda Dax from 1969. Notably, years before the Motocompo, it … Continue reading

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Suzuki’s decision to crush its MotoGP bikes explains a lot

Earlier this month Suzuki won the Valencia Grand Prix, the last MotoGP race of 2022, but it was a bittersweet victory. With this win, Suzuki is closing the books on its decades-long participation in MotoGP, the premier motorcycle racing series … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from JNC

Have a wonderfully spooky day today, and may our vintage Japanese cars outlast us all. Happy Halloween from JNC!

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Matchbox X JNC Mazda MX-5 Miata ND

We’re honored to share another great piece by our friends at Matchbox. It’s the latest car to feature the JNC inkan, and in fact it’s the newest car by year, make and model to feature our logo. It works out … Continue reading

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In its 26th year, Toyotafest is still going strong — a brief history of TORC, the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club

We’ve been attending Toyotafest every year since JNC started in 2006, and it’s consistently one of our favorite events. Last year was the 25th Toyotafest, which means the show itself is now old enough to wear historic plates, buy collector … Continue reading

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When the Kawasaki Z1 smashed the 24-hour world speed record

Today is National Bike Day in Japan. While the occasion has an emphasis on motorcycle safety, we’re going to focus on achievements. The game-changing Kawasaki Z1 turns 50 this year, and it came right out of the gates with a … Continue reading

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Celebrate 50 years of the Kawasaki Z1 with this incredible Swiss motorcycle museum

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one history’s most important motorcycles, the Kawasaki Z1. To celebrate the occasion, and to promote the retro Z900RS inspired by the Z1, the company held a little event at its Swiss importer’s headquarters. … Continue reading

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Happy 720 Day from JNC

As you go forth and enjoy your summer vacations, please remember that gigantic mobile homes are excessive. Our ancestors made do with campers like this Datsun pickup, and they did it with style. Happy 720 Day from JNC!

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Happy Sevens Day from JNC

Not many cars can come out of the gates winning their class at the 24 Hours of Daytona, but that’s exactly what the Mazda RX-7 did. New for 1978, the immediately won the 1979 Daytona enduro’s GTU class and even … Continue reading

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