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Why the 2023 Nissan Z is still a Z34, not a Z35

Before we knew what the newly launched 2023 Nissan Z would be named, we’d been calling it the Z35. That seemed like a natural progression, as Nissan chassis codes have maintained a consistent and logical progression since the big revamp … Continue reading

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The 2023 Nissan Z might just be the last pure sports car from Japan

Front engined, rear-wheel-drive. Twin turbos. Manual transmission. It’s everything fans of Japanese sports cars have been demanding for years. The Miata and 86 are too underpowered? The Z has 400 horses. Subaru BRZ needs a turbo? The Z has two … Continue reading

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Watch the Nissan Z35’s big reveal live right here

The production seventh-generation Nissan Z debuts tonight. They’re also streaming it on YouTube, and we’ve embedded link below. The big unveiling starts at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.

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Nicholas Cage drives a bugeye Celica in this bizarre Japanese movie

There’s a new trailer out for Prisoners of the Ghostland, a bizarre looking movie that takes place in some kind of Japanese Bartertown. It stars Nicholas Cage and, frankly, looks terrible, but there are at least some notable cars in … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Your all-Toyota garage in 1989 needs nothing else

Toyota was on a roll in 1989, with three revised or all-new models that are all highly desirable today. If you bought the entire trio of Cressida, Supra, and Truck you’d have a vehicle for every situation right at your … Continue reading

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QotW: What are your hopes for the reborn Acura Integra?

Late last week Acura dropped the news bomb about the rebirth of the Integra. No details about the car were given other than 1.) the name was coming back, and 2.) it would have a debossed logo like the beloved … Continue reading

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The Nissan Z Proto looks very promising in person

After what seems like an eternity Nissan is finally giving us a new Z. The Z Proto concept that will was revealed last year has gotten many of us here at JNC excited about the seventh-gen Z, and many fans … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The E90 Toyota Corolla offered 16-valve power to the masses

It’s really amazing what we take for granted in cars today. Back in 1988, Toyota extended its market dominance by offering multi-valve technology on a humble four-cylinder Corolla. That doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but was a small … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Isuzu was on a roll in 1986

Isuzus that aren’t commercial trucks may be but a faint memory today, but back in 1986 the company seemed to be on a solid roll. They had just introduced a drastically improved Trooper SUV and an even more enhanced Impulse … Continue reading

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Toyota Land Cruiser design sketches show evolution from FJ60

Releasing a car with impossibly high expectations on it can be a daunting task. With so much heritage to go on, the J300’s development team did not have an enviable task when they set out to develop the latest Land … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your ideal touge weapon?

Today is Mountain Day in Japan, a day to celebrate the geological structures that comprise 80 percent of the nation’s land mass. Of course to car enthusiasts, mountains, specifically touge roads, represent the hallowed ground on which the quintessential lightweight … Continue reading

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Japan brought out its best cars for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964

The 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo was a turning point for Japan. They were the first Olympics to be held in Asia, and Japan was ready to rejoin the world as a symbol of modernity. As a show of its … Continue reading

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Mazda is working on an RX-Vision-esque flagship sports coupe, according to patent images

According to recently discovered Japanese patent filings, it appears Mazda is working on a flagship sports coupe. The unearthed illustrations show a rear corner view that looks like the stunning RX-Vision concept but with a slightly more production-friendly shape.

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How one Nissan owner’s love for the Z31 led him to a rare widebody 300ZX

We at JNC have been known to love the third-generation Z-car, although it’s kind of a neglected stepchild of the line. Even Nissan themselves sometimes forgets about them. However, our appreciation of the Z31 is nothing compared to Colorado resident … Continue reading

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Toyota announces Land Cruiser reproduction parts, starting with the FJ40

Yesterday marked 70 years since the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser debuted on August 1, 1951. And what better way to mark this milestone than for Toyota to announce that it would begin remaking parts for the now-classic 4×4.

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QotW: What car do you wish you hadn’t sold?

Whenever the topic of classic Japanese cars comes up, one of the most frequent refrains we hear goes something like, “I used to have X car. I wish I had never sold it.” It seems that no matter who you … Continue reading

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3DBotMaker’s JNC Tournament Final Round

Well, here it is the final round of 3DBotMaker‘s Japanese Nostalgic Car tournament. Who’s going to win? It’s the moment you (or at least we at the JNC water cooler) have all been waiting for. The two top finishers from … Continue reading

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2021 All-Toyotafest, Part 02 — Supra & Lexus

One of the great developments we noticed this year was the ascendancy of the A70 Supra. We can’t remember seeing such a high turnout of the third-gen Supra at Toyotafest, and it was good to see this important chassis receive … Continue reading

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2021 All-Toyotafest, Part 01 — Starlet, Corolla, Celica, MR2

After a year and a half of no major car shows, it was good to be back. The 2021 Toyotafest picked back up right where 2019 left off, although a few changes had to be made due to the pandemic. … Continue reading

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QotW: What’s your must-see Japanese automotive destination?

We were greatly saddened by MegaWeb’s closing announcement last week. The Toyota showroom was one of our favorite destinations in Tokyo. However, there still remains a great many automotive destinations for Japanese car enthusiasts, whether it’s a museum, company showroom, … Continue reading

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