ART CORNER: Coop’s “Nag Fink” Kenmeri

Coop Kenmeri Skyline
The artist known Coop has made a career illustrating hot rods, X-rated devil girls and rock ‘n’ roll album covers. His latest creation takes the style of Ed Roth (check out his sweet Honda N600) and gives it a Japanese twist. Nag Fink, a tribute to Roth’s Rat Fink, rocks a blown kenmeri Skyline and a samurai sword. You can preorder it here for $75.

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6 Responses to ART CORNER: Coop’s “Nag Fink” Kenmeri

  1. Ryan Senensky says:

    I’ve been actually designing a tattoo in Ed Roth style with a Japanese twist

  2. fuel10922 says:

    Coop’s work is always cool!

  3. Nigel says:

    I dig it…some very cool art.

  4. Michael McDonald says:

    Nag Fink is also adding some personal jet propulsion!

  5. graveltrapp says:

    Only a hundred being made. Hand pulled and Signed by Coop.
    I just ordered two. ouch!

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