MINICARS: 2016 Hot Wheels X JNC Japan Historics line

We are very proud to announce that in 2016, Hot Wheels has created a new premium collection devoted to Japanese nostalgic cars. Called the Japan Historics line, it will feature celebrated cars from Japan’s automotive past. And of course, we are very excited to tell you that the JNC inkan will be featured on all of them.

Hot Wheels Mazda RX-3 - Japan Historics

First up is the Mazda RX-3, a brand new casting for 2016 that will debut in the Japan Historics line. We showed you a preview of the car in its prototype stages a couple of weeks ago when Jun Imai brought a bare zinc example to JCCS. Though we’ve had these renderings for months, we can now reveal that the final car will be purple with black racing stripes and the #3 in its roundel.

The RX-3 was designed by Mattel veteran Mark Jones and was inspired by the touring car RX-3s that raced in the early 1970s. It features Katayama flares, a ducktail spoiler and front spook. The model will have a metal base and the new 4-spoke wheels with hippari stretched tires as well.

The red JNC inkan is located on the doors, and we are proud to share space with JCCS, Advan, and NGK.

Hot Wheels 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon - Japan Historics

Jun Imai was the mastermind behind the Japan Historics line, so it’s only natural that his own personal 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon would make an appearance. Black with a Flame Red interior, this time it’s decked out in classic black and red Advan racing livery.

Once again the wheels will be the new 4-spokes with hippari tires, but this time in black with red foil lips. A red JNC inkan appears on the rear quarter panels, along with JCCS, Advan, NGK, Greddy, and Speedhunters elsewhere on the car. The #0 in the roundel on the hood is a nod to the graphics Jun designed for his 1:1 scale 510.

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X Hakosuka - Japan Historics

Last but definitely not least will be the Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X. The famed Hakosuka returns with a classic livery inspired by Kunimitsu Takahashi’s #15 Nissan Works KPGC10 GT-R. The wheels are existing 8-spokes, which are reminiscent of RS-Watanabes.

This is a very special casting and color scheme for us at JNC, because this casting debuted with a similar livery (inspired by Moto Kitano’s GT-R) back in 2011. That was the first time the JNC inkan appeared on a Hot Wheels car, fulfilling a childhood dream of many JNC staffers.

That was also the very model that sparked the current wave of Hot Wheels collectors obsessed with Japanese cars, even though cars like the 510, 240Z and AE86 existed before. As fans of J-tin, it’s been especially rewarding to see these cars get the love and recognition they deserve over the last five years from fans and collectors both new and old.

The Japan Historics line will be part of a larger Car Culture premium series, which will feature subcategories such for European cars, trucks, and so on. There are more models in the lineup that we’ll share with you as they get closer to release.

If you’re keeping track, here’s a list of Hot Wheels featuring the JNC inkan.

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38 Responses to MINICARS: 2016 Hot Wheels X JNC Japan Historics line

  1. Nohondaboyhere says:

    Nice job guys ! Hope to see many more japanese classics made into hotwheels

  2. Pete240z says:

    I’m ready.

  3. Jovi says:

    Awesome… I’ll never find one. eBay will be arm and leg.

  4. alvin says:

    I see what you did there!

  5. Brian says:

    When will these be out so I can be the first to buy them . I collect all kinds of Hotwheels but especially JDM .

  6. Abang Acun says:

    Hadir gan cakep beneer nih!! Siap Sikat.. Lo rumahnya dimane gan? gw maen deh kesono yee.. Jangan lupa follow IG: MWHG13

  7. Jason says:

    No Mitsubishis again, this makes me a sad Panda 🙁

  8. Robert says:

    Now these are gonna be hot, and very hard to find with all the hoarders. But definitely cool none the less keep them coming the more Japanese nostalgic cars the better.I can never get enough.

  9. Daniel inches says:

    Hi there, love the fact you guys making Japanese hot wheels cars, please I hope to hear that there are an old seventys Chrysler galant , please let me know, would buy one or ten straight away. Thank you

  10. Nigel says:

    Greatness…the card art is nice enough to keep. (The Rx-3 won’t be in its box any more ).

  11. Michael says:

    Very cool!

    I suppose these will only be for sale in the US? Will the RX3 make it into the normal line up of regular Hot Wheels cars sold around the rest of the world too?

  12. rokushoo says:

    I really like the card art for this line.

  13. Jes says:

    I wanna mazda rx7 fc

  14. Joe Cepeda says:

    Finally an RX-3! Somebody must be paying attention over there at the HotWheels headquarters

  15. Daniel Leon says:

    Do you know if the line will be available worldwide? I live in Mexico!!!

  16. Tim S. says:

    Great work. I cant wait to see what the other 2 cars in this series will be, 240z, 620, Kenmeri Skyline, RX-7, AE-86, 2000GT? Oooh what about the retooled ’82 Supra only used once.

  17. Ray says:

    I hope they make a Datsun 521 truck finally. I do remember Jun saying a lot of requests at JCCS to make it. Hands down it will be a smash.

  18. Hurry can’t wait love those JNC’s

  19. ya_boy_yeti says:

    Dat box sky though!!

  20. GC says:

    I hope a TE27 is included in the series!

  21. Garry says:

    Bring em on… just love the artwork…… now.. where do I preorder a couple of sets.

  22. _John says:

    Another line of hot wheels that I don’t be able to find on the east coast I bet.

  23. TheGrifCannon says:


  24. UCHE says:

    Super dope that they’re showing love to historics, ESPECIALLY the RX3 : ) Wack color though…Purple?? Was that the actual color of the 3s that raced and beat Hakosukas back in the 70s??? Doubtful. Cmon man, purple?

  25. Xanr13 says:

    You guys are awesome. I have much fun recreating these cars in Forza Motorsport 6 (and 5, and 4) on the XBox. Check them out and take them for a spin in game 🙂

  26. Dicky_J-tin Fanboy says:

    I hope that they would make a Mazda cosmo like the one hw made 4 ultraman jack series

  27. Andy says:

    I just found all five , what do I do…

  28. エーイダン says:

    I love the package design, almost as much as the cars the package holds. I recently bought the Mazda RX-3. I must say, Hot Wheels introduced me to JNC and my private Hot Wheels collection has only one Japanese car that isn’t a JNC, the Nissan 180SX type X.

  29. jari says:

    where i can buy thouses?

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