2012 Hot Wheels X JNC Mazda RX-7 now in white, Kroger’s mystery pack

Sorry to do this to you guys, but there is now a third Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 to be look out for, and it’s a beauty. The latest recolor is an ultra-Japanese pearl white with our JNC inkan in classic red on the B-pillar! But this is no ordinary Hot Wheels car.

It’s part of a special set called Super Speeders, which come in a mystery pack available only at Kroger’s (and their Ralph’s subsidiary) grocery stores. Fear not, the mystery packs have a tiny window in the corner, so you can ID the RX-7 without buying the store’s entire stock. Each package also comes with a sticker of the car itself.

The white RX-7 rounds out the trio of colors nicely, with black and gold being the first, blue and orange being the second.

The new RX-7 also fits perfectly with the other Hot Wheels JDM classics in gleaming shiro.

And there’s more exciting news. We just confirmed that Jun Imai, the designer of these incredible little cars, will be at our JNC booth at the Japanese Classic Car Show, so bring your Hot Wheels for him to autograph!

This epic Hot Wheels creator has been championing the cars we love, and his work includes the Toyota AE86 Corolla, Datsun 510hakosuka Skylinekenmeri Skyline, Mazda RX-7, and the Mad Manga zokusha.

We will have some of these cars available at the show, but stocks are limited to whatever we happen to find while shopping. Mark your calendars!


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27 Responses to 2012 Hot Wheels X JNC Mazda RX-7 now in white, Kroger’s mystery pack

  1. Mike Kim says:

    dude that bosozoku one is sick!!, Thanks to you guys I think i got all 3 RX-7s, I think i have 3 of the blue ones too 🙂

  2. Hot wheels says:

    That’s a sweet new paint-job; just bought the black/gold one last week (many people were staring as I was inspecting multiple cars for the decals being perfectly printed or not, lol).

    But It’s a shame if it’s anything like the Hakosuka or the Mad Manga, where people will hoard 17 of the cars each so they can try selling them at insane prices on a particular online auction site. It took me 5 or 6 different stores to find only a few of these classic Japanese rides.

  3. Jeff Koch says:

    For those who aren’t already equipped, I will also be stocking as many of Jun’s models as I can fit at my diecast table at JCCS. I currently have everything in that group shot above (save for the white RX7) including BRE510 Datsuns, which I suspect will evaporate from the table in record time.


  4. Toyotageek says:

    Nice in white!
    This year’s JCCS is gonna be a killer….
    Jun Imai and Diane “Mary” Krey-Wesley…. I’m drooling.

  5. ken says:

    What happens if we don’t have a Kroger’s or Ralphs near us?

  6. j_c says:

    Now if they made one with green stripes, we’d have a good representation of both cars from the 1979 Daytona GTU effort.

  7. ra21benj says:

    I’m going the search Ralphs for this one. I’ve got the black RX-7 and this white one looks cool.

    My favorite is the Mad Manga and there’s a lot of them at the Glendora CA Walmart. I’m guessing it gets confused with the unrealistic cars collectors don’t buy. Maybe if Hotwheels stated on the package that it’s a Nissan C130 Laurel Bosozoku from Japan, more import enthusiast will buy it

  8. Tyler says:

    I still have yet to find any RX7’s in stores and Mad Manga will probably take 6 months to get here if we get them at all. Do I have to enter Wally World to get these or what? 😡

  9. Nigel says:

    Awesome, one more for the collection !!

  10. CeduTRD86 says:

    Ughhh! Definitely bringing some of my hotwheels! Still cant find an AE86 though.

  11. TyFc3s says:

    i havent found any yet, and to get this one id have to travel to Pennsylvania…

  12. jfa says:

    I’ve got just about all the JNC cars and the S2000s in just about every color variation including the Super Teasure Hunt car. They are by the coolest models out right now from HW. I modified a couple of the Hakos and KenMeri’s.
    I’ll habe to post them up if I can find pics of them.

  13. toy_yoda says:

    I’ve taken each release announcement to mean that I can check my local store shelves in about 2 months. For some reason they are slower to ship and to stock in the PNW than elsewhere. Oh well, it sure beats paying ebay prices (yes i said it out loud). So far I’ve got everything from this last year. The BRE 510 still eludes me (again ebay prices)…

  14. ken says:

    The closest to me is Talequah, which is about 3 hours away. Wonder if the wife wants to take a road trip?

    • Ben says:

      Just a warning… Toy_yoda is right, it takes a couple months for the cars to propagate across the nation, so don’t hit the road just yet. It may also be more cost-effective to wait till they hit eBay

  15. buzzin says:

    I still don’t have my Rx7 yet,
    and now I have to look for three!

  16. buzzin says:

    make that six!
    (one for play one to keep in the box)

  17. rokushoo says:

    come on now i have to find another one.i love the white paint job.

  18. Drake says:

    Please please PLEASE Hot Wheels…. do an ’86~’92 Toyota Supra MKIII! I want one badly!!!!

  19. Killua says:

    I still can’t find any of those. :/

    I only have a yellow 510…

  20. Randy George says:

    I have both of the 1st gen RX7’s and all of the 3rd gen RX7’s (they call it the twenty4seven) as well as all the NA Miata’s they created. Just wanted to know what you are using to take such great “Close-Up” photos? Do you have a light box or something? The photos are really great! I hope they make more Mazda’s!

  21. got-rice says:

    Looks like they’re out now…time to hunt for them at your local Kroger grocerer. The car is 10 of 12. According to HWC, they’re $1.49 (price could vary from chain to chain).

  22. Shane mckenzie says:

    Im looking to compleete my collectiom but this will be the hardeat to find i. Guessing anyone have one they would sell and send accross the world to newzealand loose or in packet

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