1988 JTCC Ralliart Mitsubishi Starion

Here are some videos of a the Ralliart Mitsubishi Starion competing against Ford Sierra Cosworths, MA71 Toyota Supras and Nissan Skyline RS Turbos in the 1988 Japan Touring Car Championship. You may recognize some of the drivers, such as Takahashi Kunimitsu of hakosuka GT-R fame, behind the wheel of the beast. Two-part video below the fold.

Hat tip to Komeuppance.

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2 Responses to 1988 JTCC Ralliart Mitsubishi Starion

  1. zulu says:

    cool! love seeing coverage of starions!

  2. ra21benj says:

    These Starions a pretty mean looking just with the stock widened fenders and spoilers. I wouldn’t mind owning one.

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