1972 Mitsubishi-Built Dodge Colt Wagon Road Test

The modern JNCer may have a few bones to pick with Car & Track host Bud Lindemann. Not only does he say that all Japanese cars look as if they came from the same drawing board (excepting the Datsun 240Z), he implies that compact cars are just a fad. Despite the 1972 Dodge Colt Wagon‘s leisurely 20-second 0-60 time, the Mitsubishi does get high marks in what a small, lightweight car does best — braking and handling. It’s a formula we’ve come to know and love. Watch the video below the fold

[Miradart-Bajabuster via Jalopnik]

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5 Responses to 1972 Mitsubishi-Built Dodge Colt Wagon Road Test

  1. nlpnt says:

    If I were with Mopar’s press office at the time I’d send them a manual car for a retest. Apparently theirs was an auto, and that was responsible for a big part of the slowness and poor mileage. Do any Mitsu fans know if the wagons used a different axle ratio, too?

    • Tj says:

      Australian delivered wagons definitely had the same ratios as sedans.
      You’re right though, the autos weren’t much chop. A manual would have been much quicker.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    i love his comments, good or bad.. they are extremely whittey (sp?) and i always love the braking tests, aka how flat spotted CAN we make the tires?!

  3. Brad D. says:

    The braking tests are the best. There was no pedal fade….. yeah, there is no heat build up when you just lock em up! Its like the braking test has more to do with the weight of the car and width/grip of the tires than anything to do with the braking system. Can the brakes over power the tires? ……yup. Ok, send in the next car!

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