Wheel Restoration Done Right

We know all you nostalgists out there are wheel fiends at heart too. The problems is, if your wheels are as old as your car, it’s probably well worn from decades of abuse as the first line of defense from harsh road conditions, debris and jutting curbs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get those rims restored back to their shiny, original splendor. It’s in Japanese but you know how many words a picture’s worth.

And if you’ve got your own set of rare wheels to show off, go ahead and post them in the Not-So-Ultimate Wheel Guide in the JNC Forum. Thanks to KurumaOtaku for the tip.

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6 Responses to Wheel Restoration Done Right

  1. Ratdat said:

    Godamn, at last! I’ve been trying to find that page for ages after forgetting to bookmark it last time I stumbled across it. Thankyou!!

  2. Rolando El Kimico said:

    Very impressive! Yhis article gives me a lot of ideas on how to customize and preserve wheels. Come on guys, show us your wheels.

  3. fantastic link soooooo good thanks

  4. ari said:

    make me insomnia! I really wonder why they don’t posted full view of car!!

  5. corbie said:

    use google power to translate this website :))
    wow.. now this site in english

  6. ggzilla said:

    The red Datsun 1200 is showcasing those wheels all right.

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