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May the Fourth: Darth Vader drove a 428-horsepower Mitsubishi GTO 3000GT

So you’re the ultimate Sith Lord, second in command of a galaxy-spanning Empire. You have the entire might of the imperial fleet at your disposal. Still, sometimes you need to travel across planetary surfaces at great speed. What mode of transportation does … Continue reading


May the 4th Be With You

Since today is the unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans around the world, we felt compelled to post the 1977 Star Wars promo Toyota Celica Liftback. The car was given away in a contest at the launch of the original movie that … Continue reading


Toyota Celica Makes Kessel Run in Under 12 Parsecs

When we were kids, we thought Luke’s landspeeder was easily the coolest vehicle in Star Wars. Why? Because it most resembled a car, of course. Well, except for the lack of wheels. But other than that, it was practically a … Continue reading