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Friday Video: Tokusou Saizensen Intros

This week’s video shows the collected opening sequences for Tokusou Saizensen, which translates (we think) to “Special Investigation Frontline”. The long running Japanese police drama aired from 1977 to 1987, but the intro had to be re-shot each time Nissan … Continue reading


Friday Video: Seibu Keisatsu's Water Cannon Patrol

Sgt. Daimon manning a Nissan Patrol-mounted water cannon leads to a flipped Datsun 620 pickup (on Enkei Bajas – SK was sponsored by Enkei) and senseless wagon destruction. Have a good weekend!


Friday Video: Mazda Luce Legato Smash!

Who knew that Mazdas could slice open a Nissan like a knife through hot butter? We have absolutely no idea what movie or TV show this is from, nor what is going on here, but it sure is zany! However, … Continue reading


Armored Nissan Gloria Wagon Getaway

Yabba dabba doo, it’s the weekend! Time for your Friday video. Here’s another gem from Seibu Keisatsu, the ass-kickingest, Nissan-wreckingest cop show around. In this clip, the bad guys bust into police HQ in a shootout reminiscent of Heat and … Continue reading