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EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 01 — Movin’ On Up

We’ve been going to the Japanese Classic Car Show for over a decade, but this year was undoubtedly the best one yet. In its twelfth year, the JCCS, which took place this weekend at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, has grown … Continue reading


Datsun 510 Spotted on Transformers 3 Set

There are many reasons why Michael Bay’s entire Transformers franchise should be buried under a volcano and ignored for a million years, but perhaps there is one glimmer of hope for JNCers looking for an excuse to watch this, uh, … Continue reading


Datsun 510 Drifts Through Forza 3 Motorsports

Mad skills. [tkzun via Automobile]


EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Five: The Mod Squad

As John is fond of saying, “Anyone can restore a car. It takes a real man to cut it up.” In Part Four of our week-long JCCS blitz we highlighted some of the faithful restorations that even Sherlock Holmes probably … Continue reading


EVENTS: SevenStock XII, Part Two

Welcome to the second and final installment of our SevenStock XII coverage (Click here for Part 1). It was hotter than the the ninth level of Hell that day and easy to see why southern California was on fire for … Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone? One-Owner 1972 Datsun 510

The neverending assault on our internal organs just keeps on coming this week. This Vancouver, BC ’72 Datsun 510 (see Craigslist ad here) has had one owner, a 77-year-old man who is now looking to pass his baby onto a … Continue reading


Mr. K's 100th Birthday Party at the Datsun Heritage Museum

As we mentioned last week, the Datsun Heritage Museum observed Mr. K’s 100th birthday on September 19.  A Datsun-only car show was held in Katayama-san’s honor, and here are the photos. Lest we be found guilty of portraying Zs and … Continue reading


Nostalgics in 1/64 Scale

When even mainstream media sources like USA Today are talking about nostalgics, you know our beloved J-tin is finally getting some props. Here’s another barometer: diecast cars.


Loss Of An Automotive Journalism Icon

John Thawley (aka Bob Waar) 1937-2009 – Author and motor journalist John Thawley died last month of complications from pneumonia. He was 71. How to Hot Rod Small Block Chevys, How to Hot Rod Big Block Chevys, the Off Road … Continue reading


EVENTS: The Very Last Nisei Showoff

Way, way back in the day, nisei (the Japanese word for second-generation Japanese Americans) held informal cruise nights all over the greater Los Angeles area. They were some of the first guys ever to modify 510s, Celicas and the early … Continue reading


JNCer's Datsun 510 Rant Makes Us LOL

We get a lot of strange letters in our inbox here at JNC headquarters and most of them just leave us scratching our heads. But once in a while a shining gem rises above the chaff to make our bellies … Continue reading


Happy 510 Day 2009!

This Sunday we celebrate the one without which we would not exist, the one who brought us into the world…


A Visit to S&A Auto Create

We’re still not finished with coverage from Japan. During our visit we had the privilege of visiting Kanagawa Prefecture’s S&A Auto Create. The owner has been doing modern engine swaps in older cars and fabricating the parts needed for almost … Continue reading


Big Gallery of Airborne Nostalgics

One of our favorite recent threads has been “J-tin Raced in Anger” by JNCer Drew_TSi_Si_STi. From there we collected a subset of nostalgics that have briefly managed to divorce themselves from planet earth. Hang on tight, brace yourself for a … Continue reading


The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

Hotrod JNC’s are fascinating if for no other reason, they reflect the American hotrod’s influence in Japan. The JNC sub-culture took root some years ago thanks to the likes of Mooneyes and Crown Classics, but what shop has taken up … Continue reading


Datsun 510 Does Mexico Too

This year, team Lucha Libre Racing‘s Datsun 1600 roadster wasn’t the only nostalgic running in Mexico’s vintage road race, La Carrera Panamericana. Check out Francisco Ortiz Rivera‘s BRE-replica Datsun 510! Our Spanish is a little rusty (ie, nonexistent), but it … Continue reading

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