SHOWA SNAP: Yurakucho Crossing, 1971

For this edition of Showa Snap, we take a look at the same area as the one Dave posted, kicking off the series. That area is Yurakucho Crossing, just south of Tokyo Station. where an elevated Shinkanesen embarks from the capital to points south and west. In this photo, taken in 1971, there’s no bullet train on the bridge, but a few cool cars are on the streets. A Nissan Cedric taxi and van in the foreground dart across the intersection, while making a left is a Hakosuka Skyline van. You can almost smell the hydrocarbons in the air!

Image: eBay.

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9 Responses to SHOWA SNAP: Yurakucho Crossing, 1971

  1. Yuri said:

    That Taxi is gorgeous. Did a blue stripe denote a privately-owned cab back then, too?

  2. Ben Hsu said:

    The blue stripe on a white car denotes privately owned. The blue and orange is a taxi company, I believe.

  3. BlitzPig said:

    That Skyline STATION WAGON is to die for.

  4. MikeRL411 said:

    Don’t forget the Nichigeki Music Hall ! Good vaudival shows !

  5. Tyger said:

    Did anyone notice the blue American sedan with the white roof? It is probably a Holden model from GM.

  6. Eric P said:

    Moneyes wagon!

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