QotW: What will happen to JNCs once autonomous cars take over?

It might take twenty years, it might take a hundred, but the the autonomous car revolution is coming. The question is, where will it leave those of us, presumably everyone who reads JNC, who prefer to manually hurtle ourselves across great distances in little metal boxes. Will we be forced to take our machines to the track like equestrians are today, be allowed to share the road with autonomous cars, or be banned altogether? Every major automaker is working towards this future, so we might as well prepare ourselves.

What will happen to JNCs once autonomous cars take over?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Would you EV your JNC?

The winner this week is returning champion Dimitry, who echoed what a lot of commenters and JNC staffers felt about the Honda Urban EV. It’s the first electric car — as well as the first modern Honda in ages — that we’d consider buying ourselves.

Hmmm…well, a year, heck, a month ago I would’ve said a stern no to any electric monstrosity I saw, but seeing the retro Civic changed my mind. Completely.
I would buy that Civic in a heartbeat. I would buy any TE style EV Corolla in a heartbeat. I would buy any proper retro styled EV this way. Now, that’s marketing! Good job Honda.

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