QotW: What JNC model has been the most consistent?

As more and more models enter the JNC fold, we can see a lineage forming under nameplates that span several decades. Sometimes you can track the rise (or fall) of these nameplates as the design direction or company portfolio evolves over time. Still, there are some nameplates that have continued to consistently deliver on their purpose, whether it be for a sporty drive in the hills; or climbing up them on a new path. Tell us:

What JNC model has been the most consistent?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How should Mitsubishi have celebrated 100 years of cars?Continue reading


VIDEO: Toyota made some ads about long-time Corolla owners

Toyota Japan is continuing its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Corolla with a series of videos about owners who have driven their Corollas for a very long time.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s RB30-powered Kenmeri

You’ve seen photos of Rocky Auto‘s restomod Kenmeri Skyline. It’s got an tuned RB30 engine, a completely reworked multi-link suspension, Work Meisters over R34 brakes, and modern Recaro sport seats. Recently, Rocky-San took it to Fuji Speedway and made a video.  Continue reading


NIHON LIFE: Stumbling across random car shops in Tokyo

It’s easy to get lost in Tokyo. The streets aren’t laid out in a grid and often have no signs on them, or if they do, they’re in Japanese. As a car otaku, the problem is compounded because rather than looking at buildings or landmarks, I’m looking at cars. And as you know, cars have a habit of not staying still. Moving is kind of their thing. Getting lost has its perks, though. For one, it’s surprisingly easy to stumble upon shops and parking lots with interesting J-tin parked in them.  Continue reading


NEWS: Historic Mazdas make more history at Concours d’Elegance

Ah concours d’elegance, an age-old tradition in the world of classic automobiles. It’s an aristocracy long impenetrable by anything but the most time-tested and pedigreed works of art. Mazda just made history by taking home wins at not one but two major concours in the US, including a first-ever preservation class award by a Japanese vehicle. We are now firmly in the age of Japanese classics. Continue reading


GALLERIES: Nissan’s 60th Anniversary of the Skyline celebration continues in Yokohama

The 60th anniversary of one of Japan’s most influential models is not lost on Nissan. Last month Nissan held simultaneous events at three locations across Tokyo and Yokohama on same weekend the original ALSID Prince Skyline was launched in 1957. While that has come and gone, at Nissan’s headquarters showroom the celebration continues with a new lineup of classic Skylines.  Continue reading


Nissan Jam 2017 will honor 50 years of the Datsun 510

In its fifth year, Nissan Jam will be returning to Anaheim, California. 2017 promises to be a very special year because it will honor the 50th anniversary of the 510, which was introduced in Japan in 1967.

All 510 owners registered for the show will receive a special commemorative poster, and there will be some special surprises at the show.

In addition to the regular awards for specific models, Nissan Jam’s location at La Palma Park now allows for car clubs and groups to park together, so the organizers are introducing new Best Car Club and Best Club Theme awards. It should be a fun way to show whose gang has the most school spirit.

You can register for Nissan Jam here. All Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti cars and trucks are welcome.


QotW: How should Mitsubishi have celebrated 100 years of cars?

Today’s QotW comes on the heels of Mitsubishi’s centennial anniversary of building automobiles and their announcement to rebuild a Mitsubishi Model A. It’s not a pure reproduction, but will be built on an Outlander PHEV chassis and powertrain. This Kobe carriage will have some scoot. Interestingly, Mitsubishi is not tackling this feat alone — West Coast Customs has been tapped for the build.

If your eyebrow has been lifted, you are alone. JNC staffers are also scratching their heads. What do you think of Mitsubishi’s 100 year celebration plan? Are they on point or misguided? Should they have tapped their garage of rally monsters, turbo sports cars, or legendary SUVs?

How should Mitsubishi have celebrated their 100 years of JNC?

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Toyotafest Spotlight: Mike Muniz’s 1972 Sprinter Trueno is one of the finest Toyota restorations we’ve ever seen

Without exaggeration, Mike Muniz’s 1972 Toyota Sprinter Trueno is a paradigm shift in the world of Japanese nostalgic cars. In fact, we’re pretty certain that Muniz has not only achieved one of the most stunning Toyota restorations we’ve ever encountered, but also built a time machine in which he traveled back to 1972 to acquire the rarest OEM parts. Continue reading


EVENTS: All-Toyotafest 2017, Part 06 — Straight Sixes

With the passing of time, we are seeing more and more cars pass into 25-year classic status from what is perhaps the most epic era of Toyota history — that of the inline six-cylinder engine. From early Land Cruisers and Crowns to the almighty Supra, the Straight Six era of Toyotas turned legions of enthusiasts toward the steel of Aichi.  Continue reading


Mitsubishi does not need subwoofers and TV screens

The news that Mitsubishi was seeking West Coast Customs to recreate their first car, the 1917 Model A, was pretty disappointing. Here’s a friendly reminder that Mitsus don’t need useless gimmicks to be cool. That is all.


KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1969 Suzuki Carry LHD

Generally speaking, here at Japanese Nostalgic Car we don’t feature JDM cars when we do Kidney Car posts because we would end up copy-pasting half of goo-net-exchange weekly. That being said, this is a very special car in that most Suzuki Carry examples in America were imported RHD models. This one, however, is a left hand drive example sold in America before there was a minimum wheelbase requirement. America sure was a great place before Ralph Nader ruined everything.  Continue reading


NEWS: Mitsubishi Motors celebrates 100 years by recreating its first car

The shipbuilding giant known as Mitsubishi became a car company 100 years ago this year with the release of the 1917 Model A. Only 22 were built, giving Mitsubishi Motors the claim to the first “mass produced” Japanese car. To celebrate a century of cars, Mitsubishi Motors North American plans to recreate a Model A, but not in a way you might expect. Continue reading


EVENTS: All-Toyotafest 2017, Part 05 — Trucks

Toyotafest is the only Japanese car show that can boast such a wonderfully diverse a mix of both car and trucks. This year, Toyota celebrated the Land Cruiser but there were just as many HiLuxes, Stouts, Tacomas, and other assorted trucks.  Continue reading


50 YEAR CLUB: Toyota 2000GT

Fifty years ago, the automotive world was forever changed. It was a Tuesday, May 16, 1967 that the Toyota 2000GT was introduced. It marked the dawn of a new age, a breakthrough in not only Japan’s automotive industry, but in the country’s place in the world. Every humble Corolla, every, rally-winning Celica, and every prized Lexus LFA can trace its origins to this moment. It was an awakening.  Continue reading


Mazda presents the 2017 Touge California — Registration open

We at Japanese Nostalgic Car are proud to announce that Touge California, our vintage road rally for all Japanese marques, returns for 2017 with Mazda as the title sponsor. It is a particularly great honor this year, as 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Mazda’s rotary engine, and Touge California will be part of the festivities.  Continue reading


EVENTS: All-Toyotafest 2017, Part 04 — The rise of the E30 Corolla

There is never a shortage of Corollas at Toyotafest, and for years the best builds in the field belonged to the AE86, TE27, and TE72 contingents, maybe even a front-driver AE92. This year, however, the 1975-79 E30 Corolla has emerged as a new “it” chassis.  Continue reading


QotW: What does your mom think of your JNC?

As Mother’s Day rolls on by (Hi, mom!) we take time to say thanks to the one that helped raise us to upstanding citizen and avid JNC fan. I wonder, does dear ol’ mom share the same understanding and admiration for J-tin as you do? Share your story with us.

In my case, my mother didn’t see my AE86 until several months after purchase. I was in college at the time and though I had owned several cars in the past, this was the first one that I would update her on the progress of fixing up. Those repairs and upgrades were also the reason I had to skip out on making the trek back home for a family visit. So, when I finally took the GT-S back home to show my pride and joy, I was greeted with a, “So… that’s it?” rather than a “Wow, so that’s it!”. To my mom, it was an old car with chipped paint and dirty wheels. It wasn’t until I painted the car (self taught) that she started to see the value. That grew as people would stop and ask to buy it during weekends I was at the house.

Now, I think she sees it as just a part of me and not a mistake on four wheels. The car is in mid-refresh now and even though I am an ocean away, she took the time to still look after it. Even steam cleaned the seats! That’s progress. Thanks, mom! So how about our readers?

What does your mom think of your JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your best ‘3-digit purchase price’ car story?”  Continue reading


Happy Mother’s Day from JNC

Mitsubishi Colt 1000F

To all the moms out there, thanks for doing all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day from JNC!

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Mazda museum to open in Germany, first outside of Japan

A museum dedicated to classic Mazdas is about to open in Augsburg, Germany. Operated by Auto Frey, a Mazda dealer in the Bavarian city, and with support from Mazda Germany, Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum promises to be the first and only such museum outside of Japan. Continue reading