QotW: What’s the greatest JNC steering wheel?

1984 Nissan Gloria Turbo Brougham VIP Super Selection Ⅱ interior

The steering wheel. It’s probably the thing you interact with the most when driving a car, so let’s give it some consideration.

What’s the greatest JNC steering wheel?

Allow us to make a case for the Nissan Gloria Turbo Brougham VIP Super Selection Ⅱ‘s floating wheel. Not only does the hub stay centered as the wheel rotates around it, it’s filled with buttons — cruise control on the right and auxiliary controls for the stereo on the left, including a volume dial. It is the most Japanese thing we can imagine next to Godzilla fighting Gundam on the back of a bullet train.

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Touge California posters now available in the JNC shop


The official Touge California poster is available in the JNC shop. Printed in full color, the artwork features a Toyota Celica and Datsun 240Z in classic art deco style and measures 26 x 18 inches (approx. 66 x 46 cm).

Those who’ve delved into the JNC Shop may have noticed already, but it’s time we make it official.

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VIDEO: Happy Father’s Day!

Loving Eyes Toyota Safety Sense Celica XX

Toyota of Japan is cold killing it right now with complex, perspective-shifting videos that would make even Christopher Nolan throw his hands up in surrender. First there was the girlfriend-less AE86 driver story that perfectly synced productions from three different countries. Now comes this heart-rending journey of father and daughter as they go through a lifetime of fast cuts. Try to hold back your tears as the dad watches his baby girl grow up — and is forced to trade in his Celica XX for a minivan (though he gets an Estima, which is kind of cool, and I think there’s a transitional Mark II in there briefly). Continue reading


MINICARS: A brief history of subscription scale models

DiAgostini Toyota 2000GT subscription model 03

We recently showed you the ultimate Hakosuka Skyline model, a 1:8 scale wonder with 400-plus pieces that will require $1500 and two years to complete. Available only by subscription, the model is fed to you week by week, piece by piece, like body parts from a sadistic kidnapper counting down to a ransom. The Hako might be the latest, but it’s not the first of these kits. This is the history of the subscription model.  Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota Camatte Hajime to debut at Tokyo Toy Show

Toyota Camatte Hajime 01

Given just how many JNC owners are also obsessed with scale model cars, it seems only fitting that Toyota chose to debut their latest retro concept at the upcoming Tokyo Toy Show. The Toyota Camatte Hajime looks like an FJ55 Land Cruiser hot rod, with a 1+2 seating layout á la McLaren F1. Best of all? It’s made for kids.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Honda animated ad reminds us of all the great cars they no longer make

Honda Great Thinking Inside commercial

A clever new Honda ad hit the airwaves recently, opening with an animated CRX chugging merrily along. Soon pixels morph it into a host of Hondas from the company’s past. “Look at all the great cars we used to make!” it reminds us, before spitting out the new HR-V crossover. Hard core Honda heads might be wondering where the even earlier models are but as it turns out, there’s a bit more to the story.  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? Kenmeri GT-R, 2000GT up for auction at Monterey

1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R Monterey RM Auction 01

Last year’s Monterey auctions introduced the Nissan Skyline to guys who, until that very moment, thought a Hakosuka was an octopus-based snack. Similar head scratching occurred moments later when two decades-old Toyotas and a Mazda followed and sold for big bucks. After that, every automotive journalist, blogger and guy with an AOL account was shouting from the rooftops about the “arrival” of the classic Japanese car. This year, RM Auctions hopes to capture the magic again with the the Hakosuka’s successor, a genuine one-of-197 built Kenmeri GT-Rs.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s your best car story with dad?

Bunta Fujiwara AE86

Dads. They teach us how to drive, wrench, and curse when either of the first two goes wrong. Many of us got our passion for cars from our dads (or moms too, but it’s Father’s Day that’s coming up), and then when we become dads we desperately try to pass it on to our kids by buying them Hot Wheels that we end up playing with.

What’s your best car story with dad?

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MOTORSPORT: Mazda at Le Mans

Mazda Le Mans

As you’re reading this sentence, the world’s most advanced race cars are barreling down a country road in France at 200-plus miles per hour. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is happening right now, and to commemorate their own win in 1991 Mazda France has released this video of their rotary racing history. Watch it below the fold. Continue reading


EVENTS: 2015 Nissan Jam, Part 02

39_Nissan Jam 2015

One of Nissan Jam’s proudest accomplishments is gathering a hugely diverse field of cars from Nissan’s long and storied history. From 1960s to modern day, from mini-trucks to drift machines, from lowliest Sunny to mightiest GT-R, the Jam had it all.  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? 425,708-mile 1962 Toyopet Crown Wagon

Toyopet Crown Wagon S30 1

The S30 Toyota Crown Station Wagon is so rare, Toyota USA doesn’t even have one in their museum. They have two Toyopet Crown sedans, which are already exceedingly rare in the States. Wagons? They make 2000GTs seem as common as Camrys. Now comes only the second one we’ve seen for sale since JNC started in 2006, and the first that’s not covered in more surface rust than a rat rod meet. The only catch? It’s in Lima, Peru. Continue reading


EVENTS: 2015 Nissan Jam, Part 01

30_Nissan Datsun 510

Though only in its third year, Nissan Jam has become a regular on the nostalgic car show calendar. For 2015, the show moved from its former home to a new location, West Covina Nissan. The larger space allowed for more cars than before, as well as the opening of the all-Nissan show (which already incorporated the Datsun brand) to welcome the Infiniti marque as well.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Japan’s car secrets, revealed!

Car Bros JDM Car Culture Secrets

The internet has no shortage of videos from Japan with the following premise: “Hey you poor, clueless American dreaming of Skylines and girls that look like anime characters, let us reveal to you all the JDM car secrets because, as a result of our superior engine swapping and/or drifting skillz, we have been accepted into this mysterious, centuries-old clan of car ninjas like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. Also, we bought a ticket to Narita on Orbitz. #JDMlyfe #BigInJapan.”

However, there is only one video — just one! — that cuts through all the BS and gives you the true scoop. Check out the Car Bros’ penetrating exposé into the real JDM.  Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota celebrates 10 million domestic Corolla sales

Toyota Corolla TE27

Over the weekend the humble Toyota Corolla surpassed 10 million in domestic sales, and Toyota Japan released a small video to in honor of the occasion. Of course the Corolla is already entered the record books in late 2013 for racking up 40 million in worldwide sales, but considering the fact that Japan has a population of just 127 million, those are pretty stellar numbers. The second-best selling car, the VW Beetle — which was still being built in Mexico until 2003 — doesn’t even come close at 21.5 million.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to fetch a car?

Wangan Midnight Devil Z junkyard

Most of us car guys can’t even be bothered to assemble a respectable outfit for the social rituals that humans have to endure, such as weddings, dinner with the in-laws, or going to stores that are not Autozone. But then your friend sends you a Craigslist link to a $900 heap of metal and cracking vinyl in some far-flung corner of the country, posted by someone who a.) does not realize digital photos are free and b.) shoots the subject as if it was Bigfoot disappearing into the woods, and suddenly you’re looking up one-way flights on Kayak. Or you remind your best bud about the time you helped him with his engine swap to guilt him into driving across three states with you and a mostly-complete bag of sockets. Hey, it said “ran when parked!”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to fetch a car?

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EVENTS: Toyota Sports 800 50th Anniversary, Day 01

H0826_Toyota Sports 800

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Toyota’s first sports car, the 1965 Toyota Sports 800. Though small in size, the Yotahachi, as it became affectionately known, quickly developed a devoted fan base thanks to its ultra light-weight construction, aircraft-inspired styling, and unique removable “targa” roof panel that debuted two years before Porsche’s. To honor this unique automobile, Toyota sponsored two events on successive days, first at its home in Aichi Prefecture and then in the capital of Tokyo. Continue reading


MINICARS: The ultimate Hakosuka Skyline scale model will take you two years to complete

Nissan Skyline KPGC10 GT-R Hakosuka subscription model 01

Only in Japan could something so obsessed with detail, patience and completism exist. This KPGC10 Nissan Skyline GT-R scale model is, quite simply, astounding, measuring over 21 inches in length at 1:8 scale and comprised of over 400 individual pieces that you assemble yourself — but that’s not even the astounding part. Each one of those individual pieces is mailed to you separately, week by week, over a span of two yearsContinue reading


REMINDER: Nissan Jam this Sunday

Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti cars ranging from the 1960s to modern times will be on hand at the 3rd Annual Nissan Jam this Sunday, June 7.

Doors open at 10am and admission is free. The show is in a new location this year at West Covina Nissan at 205 North Citrus Street in West Covina, California.

There will be music, raffle prizes and, most importantly, cars, cars, cars!

Stop by the JNC booth for some shirts, decals, or scaled-down Nissans by Carriage House Models. See you there!

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NEXT VERSION: Can you name these classic Toyota racing liveries?

02_Toyota GT86 classic livery

In preparation for the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed, Toyota UK has prepped six GT86 (known here as the Scion FR-S) sport coupes in racing liveries from the company’s past. Can you name them all (answers below, no peeking!)?  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2015 NISMO Fiesta

025p16_NISMO Fiesta

In its fifth year, NISMO Fiesta has become the premiere event for Nissan nuts of Texas. With a new venue in the capital of Austin, the Nissan devoted came from all over the Lone Star State, with a few traveling from as far as Louisiana and New Mexico! The three-day event had a host of activities lined up, so we made the trip from Fort Worth. Continue reading