REMINDER: Touge 80s registration ends tomorrow


Just a friendly JNC reminder. Touge 80s registration ends tomorrow, October 7, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. All you need to know about the event can be found at this link.


VIDEO: Watch a bunch of Skylines ripping along Japan’s expressways


There’s nothing like watching vintage Skylines in action on Japan’s expressways, especially when one of them is a replica of the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show kenmeri race car.  Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Chubu and Kinki, Part 03


In Part 02 of our grand tour through central Japan, we experienced some of the best touge roads the country has to offer. After making it as far west as Matsue City, we decided to head back home to Chiba via a southerly route. Continue reading


Paris Motor Show: 2017 Honda Civic Type R


So the very-close-to-production prototype of the Honda Civic Type R was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last week. And, from what Honda has told us, it’s actually coming to the US this time. There’s absolutely no doubt that the the car is going to be supernaturally competent at defying the laws of physics, but is it worthy of the Type R name? Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 04 — Fair Ladies


One of the most revered nameplates in the automotive world today is Skyline, but nearly fifty years ago, it was unknown on this side of the Pacific as Nissan was building up their brand in the US. Instead, the Z and 510 were the ones leading the charge and revolutionizing the definition of what a performance car could be.  Continue reading


QotW: What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?


Imagine, heading out to the local dealership to find your new chariot. Sure, you can take a look around the lot, but you’ve got a lot to think about, and many makes to check out. You grab a brochure to thumb through later to help your decision. Are you swayed by the beauty in the swimsuit enticing you to join the party by buying a Mitsubishi Minicab? Or the promise of a neon nightlife with the Daihatsu Mira TR? Maybe unleashing the inner wild monster with an Isuzu Amigo?

What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your most creative automotive storage solution?Continue reading


Paris Motor Show: One of the coolest retro cars on the market is now made by Suzuki


To most of the media at the Paris Motor Show going on right now, the Suzuki Ignis is probably just a small but practical compact crossover. What few probably realize is that its one of the best incarnations of Japanese retro design on the market right now.  Continue reading


PIXELATED: Hooning a Brumby through the Outback in Forza Horizon 3


Eleven years ago when the Forza franchise originally launched there was an AE86, an R32 GT-R and that was about it for JNCs. Over the last decade, however, more and more have been added to the game. Over the weekend, the franchise’s latest entry in their open world spin off, Forza Horizon 3, was released to early access players and I can happily report that hooning a Subaru Brumby (Australian for BRAT) through the Outback is just as fun as it sounds.  Continue reading

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EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 03 — Rotary Power


Mazda’s official JCCS display was a touching tribute to one of Japan’s late, great racing legends. And if Yoshimi Katayama was looking down from the afterlife, he surely would have been beaming over the private entries as well. There were some familiar faces, but many new ones too.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 02 — Skyline City


This year’s JCCS was truly a special event for many reasons, but here’s another one: the numerous and diverse number of Skylines that showed up. Nearly every generation of post-Prince Skyline could be seen, and for a car that was never sold in the US that’s pretty amazing. But that’s not even the really amazing part. What really made this collection memorable was the sheer diversity in styles, representing the breadth Japan’s deep automotive culture. Continue reading


EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 01 — Movin’ On Up


We’ve been going to the Japanese Classic Car Show for over a decade, but this year was undoubtedly the best one yet. In its twelfth year, the JCCS, which took place this weekend at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, has grown into a truly world-class event.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s your most creative automotive storage solution?

Parking in Japan 03 Stacking Lot - Honda S800

We’ve all been there before. You need a part, it’s impossible to find, next thing you know there’s an entire parts car competing for real estate in the driveway and lowering property values throughout the neighborhood. Or, perhaps you are simply way too good at browsing craigslist for your own health.

What’s your most creative automotive storage solution?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the hardest restoration part to find for your JNC?”  Continue reading


JCCS Preview: JNC Shōnin decal


As you’re walking around at JCCS this weekend, look out for cars wearing the new JNC Shōnin decals. When used in conjunction with the classic JNC inkan, they represent the best of the breed, cars that have either served as JNC booth cars, cars that we have arranged for other companies, or cars that have been featured here on the JNC website.

We wanted to a way acknowledge the efforts of these owners and the kinship that these cars and their builders represent. This is our way of saying arigatou for being a part of the JNC family. These decals are not for sale, and can only be obtained via one of the methods above. See you Saturday!


JCCS Preview: JNC “Charge” decals and limited edition Mazda 787B “Le Mans” T-shirts


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Mazda 787B’s victory at Le Mans. The quad-rotor demon, decked out in retina-searing orange and green livery, is one of the most iconic race cars of all time. To honor it, we’ve created two new items for the discerning Mazdafarian.  Continue reading


JCCS Preview: First US-market Honda to debut


Last year at JCCS we highlighted an old, neglected Honda N600 with peeling, non-original paint. Why? Because it was the first Honda automobile ever built for the US market. One year later, it’s been completely restored and is ready for its debut this Saturday. The man who restored it, Tim Mings, sent us this photo recently of the humble but hugely important Honda, ready to venture out into the world. See it this Saturday!


JCCS Preview: San Mamiya stickers and prints


At JCCS this year, JNC is proud to carry the works of one of Japan’s best automotive artists. San Mamiya stickers and prints will be available at the JNC booth in very limited quantities, so get there early. Here’s a listing of what we’ll have.  Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Chubu and Kinki, Part 02


Part 01 of our grand tour through central Japan took us to Toyoma, a city that revealed not only castles but a trove of classic Toyotas. After prying ourselves away, we headed inland.  Continue reading


JCCS Preview: Autograph session with Datsun BRE engineer John Knepp


JNC is honored to welcome a very special guest to our booth at the Japanese Classic Car Show this Saturday. John Knepp was a key engineer on the BRE team (above, 7th from left) who helped build championship cars such as the Datsun 2000 roadster and 510.  Continue reading


JCCS Preview: Hot Wheels X JNC giveaway

Are you ready for JCCS this Saturday? We at JNC are having a Fairlady Roadster-themed day to coincide with the debut of Hot Wheels’s newest JNC casting, the Datsun Fairlady 2000. As such, we will be giving away several cars at the show, including a few signed by the Hot Wheels design team that worked on this car. Here’s how the contest will work.  Continue reading


TOUGE 80s: A Call for Entries


Response to JNC‘s Touge California has been almost unanimously positive… almost. There was one group in particular who felt left out of the fun: Owners of 80s cars. That’s because all Touge California cars had to be 1980 or older. Well, take heart, children of the Reagan years, for your moment has arrived. Japanese Nostalgic Car is excited to announce the newest member of the Touge California family: Touge 80s.

UPDATE: the Toyota USA Museum will be open to the public at the finish of Touge 80s. Please join us. Continue reading