QotW: What’s the best JNC camper conversion?

1976 toyota chinook

It’s summer, and thus camping season for much of North America. And as we all know, JNCs have had their share of camper conversions. What’s the best one for hitting the highways and heading to the great outdoors?

What’s the best JNC camper conversion?

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NEWS: The millionth Miata tour dates announced


Earlier this year, the one millionth Miata rolled off the assembly line. Think about that for a moment. One million drivers have been able to experience a true connection to the road and undiluted driving thrills for a price that doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank. To celebrate, Mazda is bringing the one millionth Miata on tour. It’s already done a lap around Japan, and now it’s coming stateside.  Continue reading

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NEWS: Revived Supra to use Toyota-developed twin-turbo V6?


More evidence is emerging that a Mark V Supra will soon be upon us. And this time, Toyotaku will be pleased to hear that the motor could be something Toyota is developing on their own.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Honda Serial One N600 update

Tim Mings Honda Serial One N600

Honda has been serving up a steady stream of videos documenting the restoration of the Serial One N600, the first Honda car built for the US market. The good news is that the videos have been getting longer, so we can see our buddy Tim Mings at work, doing what he does best.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Wheeler Dealers flips a Honda Civic CVCC

Honda Civic CVCC Wheeler Dealers

In the most recent episode of Wheeler Dealers, hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China leave the UK and head to the sunny climes of Los Angeles. There, they pick up a well worn first-gen yellow (aren’t they all?) Honda Civic, restore it, and sell it back to the American Honda CollectionContinue reading


QotW: What’s the best Japanese getaway car?

GR1-854s_Toyota Chaser JZX100

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. but when a heist goes down, it’s a big one. As in, the kind you need a getaway car or two to pull off. A getaway car has to be big enough for your crew and whatever newly liberated goods they recently acquired, stealthy enough to blend in, and — in case you need it — fast. A big, 90s four-door Toyota like a JZX100 Chaser might just be the perfect weapon. It’s right there in the name.

What’s the best Japanese getaway car?

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SHOP LIFE: A visit to Mooneyes Area 1

10-2343_Mooneyes Daihatsu Midget

When recent travels took us to Yokohama, our resident illustrator and Japan native San Mamiya suggested that we meet up and go to Mooneyes Area 1. It had been a few years since we’d visited the Japanese headquarters of Mooneyes, and there’s always something different parked around the shop, so we headed to the Honmoku neighborhood where the famed brand is based.  Continue reading


VIDEO: The UK’s only Cosmonaut

Mazda 110S Cosmo Sport UK

Rotorhead. Mazdafarian. Cosmonaut. Whatever you want to call him, Phil Blake is the UK’s only Cosmo Sport owner. And apropos of nothing, Mazda Europe has just released a video of him driving his car along the Scottish North Coast 500, a road called “Scotland’s Route 66”. There’s not much information here, but if you want to see a beautiful rotary on beautiful roads, your wish is granted. Continue reading


Happy 720 Day from JNC

08_Nissan Datsun 720

Happy 720 Day! For this special occasion, here are some of the most amazing Datsun 720 trucks we’ve seen here at JNC over the years. Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Mazda Hakone Turnpike and Izu Skyline

GR1-056s_Izu Skyline Honda S800 Coupe

While living in Tokyo has many problems, finding a place to go for a drive is not one of them. There are countless skylines, touge, and turnpikes, all challenging and spectacular roads within a short distance of the capital. For this drive, we decided to take a Friday off, start early and connect a number of them — the Odawara-Atsugi Toll Road, the Mazda Hakone Turnpike, and then the full length of the Izu Skyline.  Continue reading


MINICARS: Matchbox 2017 lineup revealed with surprising J-tin castings

Matchbox 2017 lineup prototypes

Last week was the annual Matchbox Collector’s Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mattel took the opportunity to reveal the cars and trucks of their 2017 lineup, and there are several that will surely be of interest to JNCers.  Continue reading


QotW: Which JNC had really low production numbers?

1978 Mitsubishi Sigma Dodge Colt Wagon

Sometimes market forces create strange anomalies. We all know the story about how Nissan built only 197 kenmeri Skyline GT-Rs before the racing program got canceled, but there are other instances that resulted in cars just as rare.

For example, while Dodge offered the Colt Wagon (aka Mitsubishi Sigma) in 1978-1980, according to owner Josh Mead, they all came on a single shipment across the Pacific and were spread throughout three model years. That makes the RWD wagon incredibly rare today, especially in faux wood Estate trim.

Which JNC had really low production numbers?

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EVENTS: Mitsubishi Owners Day 2016

07-3068_Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO

Though the company itself has undergone some big changes in 2016, Mitsubishi Owners Day was the same as ever. And by that, we mean as many chrome-bumpered classics as you can count on one hand, a only slightly more 80s cars, and every Lancer Evolution from San Diego to Vancouver.  Continue reading


Sagamiko Forest Highlight: Hakosuka Drift Car

002-1-2_Nissan Skyline C10 hakosuka drift car

The Sagamiko Forest Skyline & Kyusha Meeting had acres of perfectly painted kaido racers, but one that really stood out to us looked like it had been found in a barn. In fact, this Hakosuka is a known drifter and was displayed in the style of an old school street racer.  Continue reading


EVENTS: Sagamiko Forest Skyline & Kyusha Meeting, Part 02

012-1-10_Sagamiko Forest Skyline & Kyusha Meeting

Our coverage of the Sagamiko Forest Skyline and Kyusha Meeting continues with even more Skylines (and other Nissans too, but mostly Skylines). Approaching the event, a cardboard sign warned attendees “Do Not Blip Your Throttle”, a favorite activity of kaido racers. Having good manners so that future meetings can take place is important. Continue reading


EVENTS: 2016 Nissan Jam, Part 01 — The Cool Ones

012-1229_Datsun 510

For its fourth year, Nissan Jam has moved once again, this time to La Palma Park in Anaheim. With its new, grassier venue, the gathering of Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti vehicles has a more concours-ey feel.  Continue reading


QotW: What vehicle do you cheat on your JNC with?

15_Toyota FJ Cruiser

As much as we aspire to live the JNC life, we can’t always do so. Sometimes we must drive a car that’s newer, not made of Nihon steel or perhaps not even a car at all.

What vehicle to do you cheat on your JNC with?

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NEWS: Mazda begins restoration of 929 sedan

Mazda 929

Mazda North America has begun restoration of a 929 sedan, according to Jacob Brown, a Product Communications Specialist at the company. And according to Brown, JNC‘s very own Dave Yuan was a major reason they’ve been inspired to do it.  Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: Mazda’s 787B Le Mans livery rides again

Mazda IMSA Protoype 55 Le Mans livery

It may not be 24 hours and it may not be Le Mans, but the Six Hours of Watkins Glen is no walk in the park. In honor of the 25th anniversary of its Le Mans win, Mazda wrapped one of its IMSA prototypes — number 55, as it happens — in the orange and green livery of the legendary 787B when it ran last weekend. “It’s kind of emotional… to be in the firesuit just like they wore and [with] the livery on the car,” said co-driver Jonathan Bomarito, “The fan reaction was absolutely incredible.”  Continue reading


VIDEO: Two F1 drivers in a Honda S800

Mobil 1 Endless Road Trip

In a series of new ads by Mobil 1, McLaren-Honda Formula One drivers Jensen Button and Fernando Alonso take a road trip across the world. Though the banter is groan-inducing, the good thing is that the pair takes the trip in a Honda S800.  Continue reading