MINICARS: Hot Wheels X JNC Nissan Fairlady Z Super Treasure Hunt

Every so often, a Hot Wheels comes along that melts the Internet. Collectors’ heads explode like they’ve just looked into the Ark of the Covenant. The next Nissan Fairlady Z is just such a car. Look, we’re not bragging just because the JNC inkan is on it. We’ve seen it in person, and it is an amazing piece of craftsmanship for a $1 toy car. 

Recently, we were at Mattel’s El Segundo design center where we saw the surprise JNC surf wagon for the first time. In that same conference room we saw the Fairlady Z, which we photographed but agreed not to post. We can publish them now that the Hot Wheels design team revealed it on their new official Instagram account, @hotwheelsdreamteam (Be sure to give them a follow for all the latest Hot Wheels news).

So why is it an internet melter? Well, just look at it. It’s a flared, G-nosed, and ducktailed Z in classic Advan livery. That red on black striping is one of the meanest classic racing schemes ever designed, and looks good on just about anything.

The first release, in blue, was patterned after Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai’s real car. With a low down stance and kaido racer mods, it’s quite a departure from the standard Datsun 240Z even though they’re both S30 models.

To top it all off, it’s a Super Treasure Hunt, meaning it will be very rare. There will be a “regular” version with regular wheels and fewer tampos, but only one Super Treasure Hunt will be placed randomly into shipments of several hundred to retail stores.

Super Treasure Hunt versions will also have Real Rider rubber tires over premium wheels typically found on high-end Hot Wheels cars. In this case, they are gunmetal 8-spokes that remind us of classic RS-Watanabes.

We’re pretty certain this is going to be the hottest Treasure Hunt since the Datsun 510 wagon from 2014. We’re once again honored to have JNC featured on it, along with Jun Imai, Yokohama Tire/Advan, and GReddy.

For a complete list of JNC inkan’d Hot Wheels, see the list below.

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15 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels X JNC Nissan Fairlady Z Super Treasure Hunt

  1. Toyotageek said:

    Ugh, you’re killing me… ;P

  2. Bill Williams said:

    How do I get one

  3. Charlie said:

    Yay ! another one that I’ll never find..

  4. Jim Simspson said:

    So cool, perhaps you guys should make some available to your readers…I know I would be a customer…

  5. JOhn Young said:

    Where can you find more info on this , I wanna treasure hunt

  6. Ron Stewart said:

    Can you put me on a update list thanks ron stewart

  7. Ron Stewart said:

    Can u put me on a update list thanks ron

  8. micah said:

    how do you get won i look at hot whells all over the plce and cant find it

  9. David Janci said:

    What’s JNC mean? I had a 1983 Z. Keep me updated too please!

  10. David Janci said:

    I had a 1983 Z. Keep me updated too please!

  11. Bill Williams said:

    Yeah you just keep looking I have not seen any either.

  12. SHC said:

    Hot Wheels…. you need to do a better job of marketing to one of your markets… the members of places like JNC. Why not offer them through JNC rather than making people jump through all the hoops just to try to get one. My 0.02 cents.

  13. _John said:

    Another jnc hotwheel that I’ll never come across in the wild and I’m not enough of a collector to shell out the insane markup price by resellers. Great.

  14. Adam said:

    And that’s why I keep buying RLC exclusive cars – so I can trade for stuff I really want like THIS!

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