Identify This Rusty Car Found in a Japanese Junkyard

See that wagon lurking behind this hakosuka and Honda Today? All we know is that it’s old, rust, and resting in a junkyard somewhere in Japan. This photo was sent to us by a reader there. Heck, it may not even be Japanese.

Be the first one to identify it in the comments below and we will send you a set of three JNC decals – the original JNC inkan and our new Racing Mate Tribute and the JAF Tribute. One more pic below to help.

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25 Responses to Identify This Rusty Car Found in a Japanese Junkyard

  1. ToolZ said:

    Looks like a Datsun 1200 light van. Think they are also called 320 and if this is in Japan it is probably a Nissan rather than Datsun…

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    That would be my guess anyway!

  2. ToolZ said:

    Scrub that!
    Its a 1959 Datsun 220!

    • ToolZ said:

      If it turns out to be an old Bedford or something I am going to pull my wooly had down over my face and change my name….

  3. Iwan Vlaar said:

    Looking at the shape of the windscreen, to me it looks like the ambulance version of this:
    So a Prince product

  4. banpei said:

    I’d say it is a 1958 Prince ALVS-2 commercial van (predecessor of the Prince Skyway)

  5. Mike Ashleigh said:

    Guessing with a 1958 Toyopet Crown Van?

  6. Jesse said:

    It’s a datsun db2. 1950 or so.

  7. Ryuji said:

    somebody get that wagon…60’s wagons are the best!

    and i’ll take that Supra beside that too.

  8. Jesse said:

    The split front window says it’s pre 1955 or so. Not 60s

  9. banpei said:

    I managed to find this image:
    ( To be found on this page: )

    Combine that with this predecessor (AFVB-IV):
    ( To be found on the same page )

  10. chicken said:

    i think banpei’s close, if not right. here’s a prince commercial van AIVE-2 from ’57. you can say the car in the photo is the advertising/propaganda version.

  11. retrokid said:

    You guys are scary good..

  12. Killua said:

    Am I the only one that wants that Honda Today really badly?

    The MA70 Supra wouldn’t be too bad either…

  13. Iwan Vlaar said:

    It’s quite difficult to find information on early Princes, so I was lucky enough to have a book with the pic in it.
    Hope to see you on JCS Banpei, I look forward to seeing you and the Carina again!

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