Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Recolor

Since Kev has gone toy crazy with JDM minicars and other assorted goods, we might as well continue the theme. Earlier this year we got all excited about how Hot Wheels was introducing a Datsun 510 in their 2009 lineup. They’re even recognizing the JDM name by calling it a “Datsun Bluebird 510”. Olskoolae71 recently informed us they were now appearing on store shelves (go out and get them!) and apparently it’s a popular enough model that a second version is already in the pipeline, this time in black and yellow! Or is that Black Goooold?

One more pic after the jump.

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10 Responses to Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Recolor

  1. BuddyJ said:

    Sweet. I’ve already got the blue one. Time to keep an eye out for this one too!

  2. Ben said:

    Man, I haven’t found the blue one yet!

  3. pumaone said:

    got the blue one!

  4. 4AGE KE70 said:

    What? Another one? Its hard to find it in Brunei. I haven’t got the blue one yet.

  5. 31gun said:

    Have’nt seen any in Oz yet.

  6. koich said:

    Got 11 of the blue ones. Some how not seeing them on the shelves here, so I just auctioned a batch off of ebay. Already took 3 apart, stripped the paint, wondering what color I should paint them. Already got one request to do in Hugger Orange. lol I’m sure you can guess who made that request. lol

  7. BuddyJ said:

    Man, there are a ton of them on the shelves here locally. Maybe I should pick up a few for the ‘bay?

  8. Ben said:

    koich – gee, I wonder who that orange one could be for? 🙂 There’s a Hot Wheels 240Z too.

    I haven’t looked in any local stores (DC) here. I should again.

  9. zukiru said:

    I got the black one…

  10. oskrB18 said:

    I got the black one… too…

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