Happy S30 Day from JNC

Well, there really isn’t an S30 Day on the calendar, but the seminal Japanese sports car certainly deserves a day of its own. So, we might as well make May 30 that day, because an “S” looks kind of like a “5” if you squint. Here’s a pair of G-noses from when we attended the rainy 2009 Time Machine Festival at Fuji Speedway. Happy S30 Day from JNC!

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5 Responses to Happy S30 Day from JNC

  1. sedanlover said:

    I like the two-tone on the front car. Looks good wet too.

  2. Nigel said:

    Happy S30 day !!

  3. Zuhair Ahmed said:

    G-nose Z’s look amazing

  4. Power Tryp said:

    Do any of the historians know when the first or last S30 rolled off the line? Maybe one of those should be S30 day?

    Untill we change it though, Happy S30 Day!

    • John Moran said:

      Interesting. Living where I do, I might lean towards Oct. 22, but I have seen Alan T’s points about Oct. 18 and Oct. 24. Maybe S30 week (Discovery Channel)?

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