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V is for Vintage: Rays Volk TE37V

You know you’re a JNCer if you hear “TE37″ and think third-gen Toyota Corolla rather than the coveted six-spoke by Rays Wheels. Remember how in the 90s every tuner with JDM jones lusted after the Volk TE37? Well Rays recently … Continue reading


JNC on Enkei Wheels' Official Blog

JNC got a shout out on Enkei Wheels’ official blog! Awesome.


More Vintage Wheel Ads: Techno, Yayoi, Etc.

We posted some vintage Japanese wheel ads a while back. Here’s some more spotted on Riverside. Many have a similar theme: modified OG J-ride, night time shot, the wheel in question and a glimpse of asphalt lit dramatically. The message … Continue reading


More J-Nostalgic Wheel Frenzy

Hot on the heels of Slappy’s Wall of Wheels Wallpaper we came across these vids of cool J-Nostalgic wheels from Youtube user Zeppann13J.  More video after the jump!


Slappy’s Wall of Wheels Wallpaper Goes Viral

You may have seen this Wall of Wheels Wallpaper circulating around teh intarwebs recently, often uncredited. Actually, it was none other than JNCer Slappy, he of Slide Asylum and scary clown avatar, who put it together with nothing more than … Continue reading


Vintage JDM 5-Lug Wheels

Finding the proper old school wheels can be a problem for those of us who are inclined towards cars like the Toyota Crown. That’s because unlike 99 percent of old Japanese cars out there it has a 5-lug bolt pattern. … Continue reading


Tire Stretching Guide, With Pictures

We all know there are few things sexier than stretched tires flush mounted on an old school Japanese car, right? The problem has been trying to figure out how a particular tire will look on your rim without a bunch … Continue reading


RS Watanabe TV Commercial

How unbelievably cool is it that RS Watanabe actually aired TV commercials back in the day? Of course, they’re so expensive we’d never slap them on a rally-going 910 Bluebird and sandblast them to smithereens. You could always go with … Continue reading


Wheel Restoration Done Right

We know all you nostalgists out there are wheel fiends at heart too. The problems is, if your wheels are as old as your car, it’s probably well worn from decades of abuse as the first line of defense from … Continue reading


Vintage Racing Hart and Bilbo Ads

Just came across these vintage JDM wheel ads from Racing Hart and your favorite JDM wheel named after a Tolkien character, Bilbo. Follow the jump to see more ads.