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Nostalgic Drift!

Alexi, a good friend of mine runs the excellent Nori Yaro – Japan Car Life Blog. An expat Australian in Japan, Alexi’s living the life drifting and immersing himself in grassroots car culture over there.  Last weekend, he spotted this … Continue reading


JDM Workshop Spotlight: Carcraft Yabusaki

A few months ago, we put the spotlight on Auto Service Machinaga, a Kobe bodyshop that not only did great work in restoring JDM classics, but also had the presence of mind to record their restoration process in photographs, presented … Continue reading

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Do the JDM Burnout Dance! G-Works Magazine review

Pay your local Japanese bookshop a visit and you’ll see that one of the new JDM magazines catering to the new boom in nostalgics is G-Works. It’s one of my favourite Japanese magazines: it’s chock full of modified classic cars, … Continue reading


Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine, Coming in April!

What the hell’s this, spamming for the competition? Or perhaps the JNC boys have hacked grandJDM, posting their own content?! Not quite! For the past few months, Kev and I have been working hard alongside Ben and Dan at … Continue reading


Dictionary Definition of Dedication

One could probably wonder how this guy finds enough hours in the day to do the crazy things he does to these models, but that’d be time wasted if you ask me. Just sit, click, scroll, and stare. That’s the … Continue reading

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Got MySpace?™

Never one to dodge an opportunity for exposure and meeting new folks, grandJDM is now on MySpace! We’ve actually been on there for a while, but we didn’t want to announce the fact until we’d found the time to pull … Continue reading

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Get Your Boso’ On

Fans of the bosozoku/garuchan/yankee movement rejoice: AusZoku, an online community focused specifically on the scene, is here. If you’ve read everything you can find on the boso style and now you need somewhere to chat about it, this might be … Continue reading


Ain’t Nothin Civil About It

If you’re a fan of the old skool Honda Civics and were worried that you might be alone on that one, you can rest easy.  Civic 77 has all the information and community you could possibly need.  There’s some damn … Continue reading

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Rain, Hail, or Shine

Nothing will stop the JP Auto Enthusiasts getting through. The boys at JNC have dug out a link to a recent car show in Japan, the likes of which not even a hurricane could hold back. Personally I’m not sure … Continue reading

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(Even more) Cool JDM Clothing…Part 3 (and counting)

  Last month, we covered a few nostalgic JDM clothing brands which embrace old school cars and bikes:  Samurai Motor Club and Neighbourhood.  And yet there is still more….Kaminari69, which has the same old-school hot rod influences with 60s cars … Continue reading