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Torrance Old School Japanese Car Meet

Oh look, here are some photos from a jam-packed weekend for J-tin enthusiasts. We hit up the Torrance Old School Japanese Car Meet last night and witnessed this sexy party of nostalgics going on. As much as we’d like to … Continue reading


Ode to a 1979 Honda Civic Wagon

Why is it that most classic car enthusiasts love station wagons? Is it because they’re symbolic of a time gone by and all but extinct from new car lots? Do we just fondly remember going on family road trips? Or … Continue reading


Z-Car Club of Inland Valley Show

While Matt was down at the imG Old Skewl Meet in San Diego yesterday yours truly was at the Z-Car Club of Inland Valley‘s annual car show at Quality Nissan in Temecula. Despite the name of the club all manner … Continue reading


imG Old Skewl Meet

May 17, 2009, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Southern California hardly ever disappoints for the sheer number of nostalgics it contains. Case in point is the Old Skewl Meet today in gorgeous (overcast) Mission Bay in San Diego. This was … Continue reading


Armored Nissan Gloria Wagon Getaway

Yabba dabba doo, it’s the weekend! Time for your Friday video. Here’s another gem from Seibu Keisatsu, the ass-kickingest, Nissan-wreckingest cop show around. In this clip, the bad guys bust into police HQ in a shootout reminiscent of Heat and … Continue reading


The Road to Narita

JNC is back home in the States, but there’s still much leftover material from Japan to write about. Here’s a look at the typical Japanese scenery one encounters during a drive to Narita Airport. This was my coach, my friend … Continue reading


Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading


Japan Sighting: Denso Corona Wagons

Random Japan sighting: Isn’t it nice to know the Corona wagons employed by Denso are still in service? I thought these were KE70 Corollas originally but apparently they are Coronas! Closeup after the jump


Tama Autos of Auckland, New Zealand

We love checking out sites created by JNC readers and lately we’ve really gotten into cheater_5’s A B110 Perspective. As you can guess from the title, the man is obsessed with Sunnys, and he owns an uber-cool sanitora, or Sunny … Continue reading


President's Day Miracle: Nissan President Wagon

In celebration of President’s Day here at JNC we thought we’d bring you a photo of the baddest, most mind-numbingly awesomest example of Nissan’s flagship that we could find. That’s right sportsfans, it’s a 250 President wagon. As if having … Continue reading


Toyota Crown on Crown Violence

It’s Friday, so here’s your weekend video. This video clip causes me actual physical pain because it combines three of my deepest loves – the kujira Crown, wagons, and vintage work vehicle paint schemes – and blows them all to … Continue reading


How Old is Your Car in People Years?

Does the passing of another year make you feel old? Well look on the bright side, it’s nothing compared to how your dog feels! But what about man’s other best friend, the automobile? Here’s an amusing and easy math problem … Continue reading


The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

Hotrod JNC’s are fascinating if for no other reason, they reflect the American hotrod’s influence in Japan. The JNC sub-culture took root some years ago thanks to the likes of Mooneyes and Crown Classics, but what shop has taken up … Continue reading


Morning Cruising in Yokohama

We’re still trying to go through the hundreds of SEMA photos we took, but in the meantime here’s a small set of photos from Satoshi, our man in Japan, from one of the Morning Cruises sponsored by Barracuda. Here are … Continue reading


JNC Wagon Breaks Down… at a Junkyard

Yesterday we were down at the local pick-a-part scavenging some parts for the JNC Wagon. Nothing major, just some trim and a turn signal lens. It’s supposed to be at the JCCS this Sunday, so it has to look good! … Continue reading


What Did You Do This Weekend?

Don’t cha just love it when you manage to get some free time over the weekend to spend with your car? While the JNC workhorse wagon is not exactly slammed like a mamma jamma, it is somewhat lower thanks to … Continue reading


Snoop Datt

We were just checking in with our compadres at grandJDM and nearly died laughing when we came across this post on rapper Snoop Dogg’s new album cover. If you’ve had your eye on one of these cars you’d better grab … Continue reading


Jalopnik Hearts Tercel Wagon

There’s a virtual lovefest going on today over an unlikely object of affection, the 1985 Toyota Tercel 4WD Wagon (aka Sprinter Carib in Japan). This is probably why Jalopnik is the best automotive site out there today (um, other than … Continue reading


What's the 411, Yo?

Reader extraordinaire gamby sent us a link to this, which posts on interesting classics up for sale, including some of Japanese stock. That got us thinking, one of the most frequent questions we get is, “How much should I … Continue reading

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Get a Life

Here’s a rare bird, spotted by our resident Honda head reader colhogen, who heroically posted it in our forum. It’s an ultra-rare 1974 Honda Life, which, in Honda genealogy, succeeded the N360 and N600, and spawned variations such as the … Continue reading