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Thai Fighters

To paraphrase George Peppard’s John “Hannibal” Smith, “We love it when the world comes together.”  Especially around nostalgic cars.  One of the most rewarding experiences about Japanese Nostalgic Car is when we see old school love coming from all corners … Continue reading

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Kiwi Classics Cruise

Ok, so we don’t know much about New Zealand except that some movie about Lords and Rings was filmed there. But we do know this: If those orcs had rode into battle on any these absolutely killer old bombs, they … Continue reading

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Charade 926R: When Daihatsu Met DeTomaso

Many apologies for the shortage of new posts in the past week or so, if you knew what we’ve been working on then you’d forgive us! Anyway, back to regular programming. A couple of weeks ago we did a piece … Continue reading


Hit The Polls

Firstly, folks, thanks for all the responses to the sticker poll. We’ve got a good idea now of how to go about our plan for world domination hooking you all up with stickers, so that’s ace. But now, we want … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive, with J-Tin

Move over, Governator, there’s a new force out of Austria to be reckoned with, and that force is Like the name says, it’s a German-language forum for lovers of old Japanese cars, and it’s run by Rainer, aka Mr_Daihatsu … Continue reading

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Sticker ‘Em Up, Pal.

So, we’re thinking a neat idea would be to offer some grandJDM stickers. We’ve had readers ask if stickers are on the cards, and we just weren’t sure if classic JDM enthusiasts are the type to have stickers on their … Continue reading


Get Your Writing Boots On

Alright folks, we’re on the lookout for another one or two writers (or in my case, “guys who just link to stuff”) to join us here at grandJDM.  If you’ve been digging what we’ve been doing and want to be … Continue reading

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This page will feature a series of wallpapers, created both by grandJDM, as well as by others. We’ll try to give credit to the original creators when we can, but sometimes it’s hard to find out who the original creator … Continue reading

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So, are You Digging grandJDM or What?

Alright guys and girls, it’s time to pull out the stops and march into your local Blogger’s Choice Awards polling venue and… wait, you can just go to their website.  Oh how bloody convenient eh? If you’ve been enjoying our … Continue reading

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Old Skool in the Olde World

Blimey! There’s a new site on the web about our favorite topic, old Japanese cars, and it’s called Old Japanese Car. Can’t get much more direct that that! The site was started by a couple of chaps who go by … Continue reading

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grandJDM links now online!

Mornin’ guys and girls, I’ve added a bunch of links to the about page, so if you’d like to jump over and check it out, feel free. grandJDM is getting a healthy amount of traffic these days – especially when … Continue reading

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Classic JDM Addiction #493

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably realised that as time passes, there’s less of a chance that you’re ever going to own at least one example of every single classic JDM car that you’d always sworn you’ll someday own. … Continue reading

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Want to see your car featured on grandJDM?

  There are thousands of beautiful old skool JDM cars out there – you only need to look at the photos from the various events  and shows around the world.  But, of course, getting in touch with the owners is … Continue reading

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JP Blog 01: Private Tune / Murata Team

We thought it might be a neat idea to provide weekly links to some Japanese blogs. After all, blogging is not a phenomenon to be found strictly in the west! And with so many excellent English language blogs devoted to … Continue reading


Our Flickr pool needs YOU!

grandJDM now has a Flickr group, so if you’ve got a Flickr account and you’re known to fill it with classic JDM – or even if you’ve only got a few shots in your album – go ahead and join … Continue reading

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Oz Fest, Part 2

G’Day blokes and Sheilas, welcome to part two of our news from Australia. This time, we’re here to inform you of a new site called grandJDM, a new Aussie site about – what else – vintage Japanese cars! Enthusiasm for … Continue reading

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Speak Up!

grandJDM has so far been one of those things that you do because you have this massive urge to do it.  The kind of urge that strikes you suddenly, from out of nowhere.  Our plan at this point is to … Continue reading

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Hola, welcome to grandJDM.

Heyo. Welcome to grandJDM, a website devoted to classic (and usually modified) Japanese cars. JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market, a term which technically refers to any product sold in Japan but not elsewhere – for example, the … Continue reading

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He's a Demon on Wheels!

Okay, at first we weren’t going to mention this, seeing as how the Duper Wachowski Bros. turned one of the best films of all time, The Matrix, into one of the most inexplicable franchises of all time. But what the … Continue reading