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WANT! BRIDE Goes Retro with Histrix

Bride seats are one of the mainstays of the JDM tuner scene.  They come in loud, lairy colours like bright red and blue, and would be the perfect addition to something like a turbo Silvia or modern GT-R (with the … Continue reading


Crikey! Aussie Barn Find Reveals 297 Classics

We all fantasize about the barn find. For some, it’s better than winning the lottery. A big wad of cash can get you that new Maserati, but there are some cars where it’s not a matter of buying them, it’s … Continue reading


Jolly Good News from the UK

Not only is the Day of Too Many Events coming up this weekend, but our former masters across the pond are brewing up the Goodwood Festival of Speed. One of the first photos to filter in from this year’s event … Continue reading


Aaargh! We’ve been hacked!

Some of you will be able to see this huge block of spam just below the banner above.  It seems we’ve been hacked, and Van will try to clean up the source code later to remove it. Apparently it’s not … Continue reading


Dryer Lint to the Rescue: Oil Cleanup Tips

Here at JNC headquarters, our weekends are filled with excitement.  And by excitement we mean the things our butlers would be doing if we were filthy rich.  Well, at least there’s something to be gained from doing your own laundry.  … Continue reading

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Thai Fighters

To paraphrase George Peppard’s John “Hannibal” Smith, “We love it when the world comes together.”  Especially around nostalgic cars.  One of the most rewarding experiences about Japanese Nostalgic Car is when we see old school love coming from all corners … Continue reading

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Kiwi Classics Cruise

Ok, so we don’t know much about New Zealand except that some movie about Lords and Rings was filmed there. But we do know this: If those orcs had rode into battle on any these absolutely killer old bombs, they … Continue reading

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Charade 926R: When Daihatsu Met DeTomaso

Many apologies for the shortage of new posts in the past week or so, if you knew what we’ve been working on then you’d forgive us! Anyway, back to regular programming. A couple of weeks ago we did a piece … Continue reading


Hit The Polls

Firstly, folks, thanks for all the responses to the sticker poll. We’ve got a good idea now of how to go about our plan for world domination hooking you all up with stickers, so that’s ace. But now, we want … Continue reading

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The Hills are Alive, with J-Tin

Move over, Governator, there’s a new force out of Austria to be reckoned with, and that force is Like the name says, it’s a German-language forum for lovers of old Japanese cars, and it’s run by Rainer, aka Mr_Daihatsu … Continue reading

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