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Mega Car Chase in 1:64 Scale

Let’s face it, blowing up real cars is not only expensive, but cringe-inducing. We can’t help but wince when a perfectly good nostalgic gets wadded up, even if the car was new and plentiful at the time of the stunt. … Continue reading


Local Mazda Gathering in Sydney, Australia

We love to see pics from gatherings, no matter how small. Sometimes it’s easy to miss one so we just wanted to make sure you didn’t pass by Australian JNCer RestoreMaz’s post of a local Mazda gathering in Sydney, Australia. … Continue reading

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Mecum to Auction Jack Safro Toyota Collection

On a trip to California in the late 60s, Jack Safro was introduced to the RT40 Toyota Corona, a car then unheard of in his native Wisconsin. But everyone in California seemed to know it, and a dealer told him … Continue reading


Isuzu Trucks Can Do Wheelies (Results May Vary)

Back in the day, Isuzu wasn’t shy about doing outlandishly extreme commercials for its sometimes mundane products.  This reaches a zenith with these commercials for the mid 80s Forward truck.  More after the jump.


Super Bad Slammed ’73 Toyota Stout

We’re back from the SEMA MPMC conference, in one piece no less. So why not close off the week with something really cool, like this slammed Stout pickup? Once in a while the folks at Mini Truckin’ unearth a gem … Continue reading


RS-Yasu's Nissan Sunny B122 Pickup Resto

RS-Yasu is another restoration shop out of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan that does beautiful restoration work. Their most recently completed masterpiece is a sanitora, a portmanteau of “Sunny Truck.” Despite it looking like an early 70s B110 Sunny (Datsun 1200 in … Continue reading


Japanese Road Trip in Transforming Toyota Truck

Ok, this car isn’t nostalgic (or even a car, really), but the idea is timeless. After graduating high school, three Japanese buddies decided to follow their dream of a year-long cross-country road trip, from the northeastern island of Hokkaido to … Continue reading



Our coverage of the SEMA show. Due to the economic disaster, the mood was a bit down and every company is struggling. However, there were some bright spots, including the first JNC car at SEMA! Also, read the article to … Continue reading

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Morning Cruising in Yokohama

We’re still trying to go through the hundreds of SEMA photos we took, but in the meantime here’s a small set of photos from Satoshi, our man in Japan, from one of the Morning Cruises sponsored by Barracuda. Here are … Continue reading


Nissan 1400 Sunny Truck Put Out to Pasture

It was a relief to wake up this morning and find the planet still here, meaning we survived those wacky scientists flipping the switch on the Large Hadron Collider. Here’s another story of survival. In 1972 Nissan introduced the Sunny … Continue reading