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Suzuki LJ80 Pickup Spotted In the Wild

There’s so little Suzuki news that we like to throw this marque a little love whenever the occasion presents itself. A while back, one such occasion did, when a minty fresh Suzuki LJ20 appeared on eBay. Now it’s successor, the … Continue reading


Truck, Yeah! JDM Datsun 620

Feast your peepers on this bad, bagged 1979 Datsun 620 pickup found on the streets of Japanland by Mini Truckin’ magazine. According to the article, the paint is actually a very, very dark green though it looks black. Owner Hayato … Continue reading


Land Cruisers You Can Wear

Someone over at this T-shirt site must love Land Cruisers because they have at least 3 shirts dedicated to the old Toyota workhorse. Our favorite one is this one pictured, even though we’re not really sure what it says. The … Continue reading


Jimny Cricket! Suzuki LJ20 on Ebay

In these days of skyrocketing gas prices where you have to take out a mortgage just to fill up your Escalade, how about a 4×4 with two-speed transfer case that gets 50mpg? If you don’t mind putting up with a … Continue reading


Toyota: Building Trust Despite Rust?

A lot of our readers have Japanese trucks that they use as daily drivers, workhorses, or parts haulers, so this item may be of interest to some of you. 813,000 Toyota Tacoma pickups were built between 1995-2000, and some of … Continue reading


Mora Dekotora, Tora, Tora!

Will Jalopnik‘s fascination with dekotora ever cease? We sure hope not. You’ve got the coffee table book, now supplement that with Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri, a new game for the Nintendo Wii. Piloting a giant chrome truck through the narrow streets … Continue reading

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Dekotora, Tora, Tora!

Say you want a blingy whip but an Escalade just doesn’t cut it in the cargo hauling department. Or perhaps it’s just a few acres short on chrome and a few millilumens short on lighting. What’s a ride pimper to … Continue reading


Adios, Amigos: Isuzu Is Outta Here

Damn, we’re out of the country for one week and the US loses an entire marque. Isuzu announced on January 31 that in one year, they will completely abandon the American passenger vehicle market after a slow and painful death. … Continue reading

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'67 Toyo Kogyo Lineup, No Corks

Over at online magazine Winding Road, they’ve posted the pages of a 1967 Toyo Kogyo brochure. If you’ve been paying attention, that’s the manufacturer Mazda was formerly known as, and it made corks. Each company had its humble beginnings. For … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from JNC

[Image: Honda]

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Get Out Ya Seat and Jump Around

Our blogospheric partners in crime over at Jalopnik are having way too much fun digging up old Toyota commercials in what they’ve dubbed “Oh What a Feeling Week,” featuring nothing but ads that conclude with people jumping for joy at … Continue reading

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Honda T500 Catalog

Someone at Winding Road loves the Honda T-series.  We can’t really blame them.  What’s not to love about a 9000rpm kei-class truck that’s also historically significant for being Honda’s first four-wheeled vehicle?  Check out the catalog scan – in English! … Continue reading

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Truck Turner

Back in August, Mini Truckin’ published an top-notch retrospective of all the small Japanese pickups that have basically created the segment that gives the magazine its namesake.  A flat-green Datsun NL320 headlined that piece.  Now, another one of the diminutive … Continue reading


High Mile Club

If you’ve got a classic that’s been on the road for a while, some car companies want to hear from you. Honda recently launched its Mile Makers Club, which welcomes any dream-powered machines above 100,000 miles. Strangely, the near-million mile … Continue reading

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The Toyota Land Cruiser has long been the off-roader of choice for those intent on spotting animals in their natural habitat. But what if you want to spot Land Cruisers in their natural habitat? Well Toyota’s Open Road blog has … Continue reading

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Following Arrows

By the time Bob Geldof was slowly swaying side-to-side with both Hall and Oates chanting, “We are the world, we are the children,” Plymouth (the car company, not the rock) had ceased being interesting for quite some time. Its only … Continue reading

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Truck Everlasting

The popularity of old school Japanese vehicles just keeps on growing, pervading every band of the automotive spectrum. Mini Truckin’ magazine just put this seriously slammed Datsun NL320 on their September cover as part of a retrospective on the pint-sized … Continue reading


Fourth of July Fire Truck

We spent a rainy Independence Day with Dan Banks, Datsun fanatic, Z Car Club of America historian, and owner of a mint ’71 240Z, a 1990 300ZX Turbo, and the oldest known Datsun truck in private hands, which happens to … Continue reading


Block Party

After a long week of showcasing its corporate master’s wares, the Honda Japanese website likes to shed the work duds and have some fun. Cometh each weekend, the home page transforms into a bizarre yet beautiful and rich world of … Continue reading

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Snowler Patrol

In our recent article on Brian Baker’s 1964 Honda T500F, we gushed ecstatic over the Snowler option, a factory Honda accessory that could transform your innocent little trucklet into a half-track with skis on the front wheels, perfect for tagging … Continue reading

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