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JDM Toy Technology Knows No Bounds. Now You Can Talk To Your Dog

Tired of that seemingly-impenentrable cross-species communication barrier between you and your dog?  Well those days are over, with the Bowlingual Voice translator from Takara Tomy.  Of course, it will only translate what your dog says in Japanese.  Hmm….maybe if your … Continue reading


Giga Pudding FAQ

It is a little-known fact that JNC Magazine correspondents are, in fact paid in ramen and Giga Pudding. But outside of the JNC editorial team, there has been very little said about this mysterious dessert, except for what can be … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: Cosplay gone wild!

One very unique Japan-ism is cosplay. That’s the practice of actually dressing up like a cartoon character and going out in public. Now, I’m not talking about dressing up as Sailor Moon for an anime convention….I mean dressing up as … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: JDM Ads with Celebrities

  “When it’s relaxing time, make it…..Suntory Time” Ahh, one of my favourite movies.  But it reminded me the other day about Japan’s fascination with western celebrities. It seems that if you are a Hollywood movie star, you may be … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: Toyota History Garage

One of the nicest places to visit if you are in Tokyo and have time to kill, is the Toyota History Garage in Odaiba. It’s a small but high quality car museum, cafe and book/toy store.


Tokyo Daze: Honda Zoomer…50cc of customising fun

  We thought we’d take a small break from the Hakosuka-only programming that we’ve been having for the past 2wks! When I was in Japan, I saw quite a few of these things, and you can see why they’re popular.


Tokyo Daze: Tokyu Hands!

If you go to Japan, one of the JDM institutions you need to pay a visit to is Tokyu Hands. Ostensibly it’s a department store, which seems hell bent on stocking pretty much everything: from hardware, to stationery, to toys … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: Bicycles!

We kinda alluded to it last week, but in Japan, heaps of people get around on bicycles. That in itself is not so unusual…in Tokyo there are so many train stations and the various lines all criss-cross each other so … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daze: BIG Scooter!

One of the cool things that you will see plenty of in Tokyo is the BIG Scooter. Most of us are used to the idea of a scooter being a tiny little thing, pushed along by a putt-putt motor and … Continue reading


More Jedi Parking!

After we featured JDM parking skills a few weeks ago, one of our eagle-eyed readers sent in this….a Japanese game show where one of the contests was to prove your Jedi Parking Skillz. Check out the video.

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Tokyo Daze: JDM Parking Spaces

One of the perennial pub discussion topics for JDM car nuts is always “If you lived in Japan, what car would you drive?” Now, it’s no great secret that cars are quite cheap to buy in Japan, and so you … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: JDM (Jedi) Parking

Since there’s quite a bit of interest here on Japanese culture, we’d add a regular segment for little snippets of JDM life. The first cab off the rank is….JDM PARKING! Once thing you notice when you travel around Japanese cities … Continue reading