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Nos2Days Day 1 Sneak Peek

So this is why I’m in Japan and posting Friday videos on Thursday – the first ever Nos2Days show in Yokohama. As you might have guessed it lasts two days and is sponsored by the best selling Japanese classic car … Continue reading


Suzuki GSX1400 Goes Retro

While this isn’t exactly a car, we like how Suzuki has recalled its historic triple blue on white racing livery for a new special edition GSX1400Z. With fuel costs going through the ceiling, motorbikes are looking more and more appealing … Continue reading


Suzuki LJ80 Pickup Spotted In the Wild

There’s so little Suzuki news that we like to throw this marque a little love whenever the occasion presents itself. A while back, one such occasion did, when a minty fresh Suzuki LJ20 appeared on eBay. Now it’s successor, the … Continue reading


Jimny Cricket! Suzuki LJ20 on Ebay

In these days of skyrocketing gas prices where you have to take out a mortgage just to fill up your Escalade, how about a 4×4 with two-speed transfer case that gets 50mpg? If you don’t mind putting up with a … Continue reading


Alto Slideslim: funny-doored microcar pioneer

A couple of years ago Peugeot released the 1007, which is a funky subcompact city car with a unique feature: double sliding doors. So instead of conventional doors, you get van-like sliding doors which whizz back and forth electrically. Cool … Continue reading

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Z ACTion: Fastest Honda Z600?

After seeing the carbon fiber Honda Z600 that wowed the JCCS crowd over the weekend, we wondered – out loud and to the dismay/puzzlement of other post office patrons waiting in line with us – what is the fastest Honda … Continue reading


The Suzuki Method

Here’s a post about a marque not often discussed in the nostalgic world, Suzuki. Like Toyota, the company started out making automatic looms. Like Honda, their first vehicles were motorized bicycles. And like Mazda, their first mass produced car heeded … Continue reading

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Tally Ho: Goodwood Festival Of Speed Begins

If you were an Earl with an impossibly big plot of land near the southern coast of of England, what would you do with it? Why, invite the world’s most famous drivers and gather the planet’s fastest racing machines to … Continue reading

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