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I Wanna Glide Down Over Mulholland: In the 80s, Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive was the site of some epic street racing. As these videos on Jalopnik show, its winding canyon path was the perfect setting for cat-mouse chases. Datsun 510s … Continue reading

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Racing Sim

Will Wright is the designer of the hugely popular life simulator video game, The Sims, in which you can command your virtual characters to eat, sleep, defecate and even play other video games, but the one thing they can’t seem … Continue reading

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Z-Yota Races Ferrari, Receives Hate

Van from grandJDM posted this incredible video in our forum the other day of a 240Z with a 7m-GTE underhood outrunning a Ferrari F430 in a stoplight battle. Later that day, US-based Autoblog posted it and in just nine minutes … Continue reading


Number One Crush

Ok, so this warning about various municipalities putting modified cars into the crusher may be only tangentially relevant to owners of Japanese classics, seeing as how many of our cars are not even capable of breaking the speed limit (or … Continue reading

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