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Hanshin Expressway Plows Through Building

This is the Gate Tower Building in downtown Osaka, an otherwise nondescript office high-rise except for the fact that the Hanshin Expressway plows right through the middle of it. How did this happen? Apparently it’s the result of a freak … Continue reading


Japanese Road Trip in Transforming Toyota Truck

Ok, this car isn’t nostalgic (or even a car, really), but the idea is timeless. After graduating high school, three Japanese buddies decided to follow their dream of a year-long cross-country road trip, from the northeastern island of Hokkaido to … Continue reading


Zen and the Art of Corolla Maintenance

America ain’t perfect, but damn if she isn’t beautiful. Is there any greater joy in life than taking in this beauty behind the wheel of an old car? Forget voting and the right to pontificate, this is freedom, man. Forgive … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 7

Alas, our journey to Japan has come to an end. This morning we packed up our 10,000 lbs of brochures, some low down springs for the Cressida wagon, and 500 mystery boxes into Satoshi’s lowered 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear … Continue reading


JNC in Japan: Day 6

No, we haven’t come to an untimely death by offending the wrong yakuza lieutenant, accidentally driving down the wrong side of the wangan, or eating ill-prepared fugu. Much to the chagrin of some, we are very much alive, but our … Continue reading


JNC In Japan: Day 5

Today we headed out to the Chainan 21, the official museum of Hino. Check out this sign. The station name is Toyoda, and if you notice, the previous stop was Hino. Coincidence? Probably. The Hino museum is at neither of … Continue reading


JNC In Japan: Day 4

Fun fact: 80% of Tokyo’s mass consists of vending machines, convenience stores, and arcades with coin-operated capsule dispensers. This is all an effort to drive the sales of mystery boxes, which ranks 4th in Japan’s top 10 industries, right between … Continue reading


JNC In Japan: Day 3

The time has come! It’s a cold but clear morning. Here’s the beautiful skyline of Odaiba, where the New Year Meeting is held, from the Yurikamome monorail. We have a ton of pictures, but here’s just the ones we had … Continue reading


JNC In Japan: Day 1

We took NWA, but the food wasn’t very good. If you have a choice, we recommend Public Enemy Air. Our man in Japan Satoshi picked us up in his slammed 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed. It’s got 0 … Continue reading


JNC Does Japan

One of things we can never wrap our heads around is the fact that in Japan, it’s already tomorrow. By the time you read this, we’ll be crossing the International Date Line in a 747 headed to J-land to meet … Continue reading


FEATURES: 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon

New article here, about the recent trip taken to attend the Monterey Historics.

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I-5 Drive/Monterey Historics

In case you were wondering what’s been happening with the blog, Ben is at the Monterey Historics in California. Only, there’s a catch. The reason it’s taking him three days to get there is because he’s driving down from Seattle … Continue reading

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