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Actually, Here Are Some Official Nissan 370Z Pics

Oh Nissan, why do you toy with us so? Less than 12 hours since we posted a bunch of spy shots and speculative renderings about the upcoming 370Z, you decide to unleash photos of the real thing. Maybe we can … Continue reading


RWD Retro Car Roundup

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about the upcoming cars that are, unbeknownst to most of the car-buying public, based on our favorite nostalgics. First up, there’s been a cavalcade of spy shots and rendered images of the Nissan … Continue reading


Hint Hint, Nissan: Another Retro Datsun Design

Here’s yet another unofficial rendering of neo-240Z. This one has actually been floating around the web longer than yesterday’s Iacoski design, and designer Lars MÃ¥rtensson has done his homework. It remains incredibly faithful to the design of the original Z … Continue reading


Iacoski Z Design Study Hits Teh Intarwebs

Here’s an interesting specimen that’s been making the internet rounds. Perhaps unsatisfied with Nissan Yulon’s X-Link as a worthy flagship for a revival of the Datsun brand, someone calling himself Iacoski has offered this alternative. We’re not really feelin’ the … Continue reading


Blue Monday: Toyota Supra DOA, FJ to Follow

Some sad news on the new car front. Automotive News (subscription required) is reporting that Toyota is making some changes to its long term plans thanks to the high cost of gas. The company sees this as a permanent change, … Continue reading


Uptown Girl: Infiniti Silvia?

We dream of one day becoming as important enough so that Nissan will invite us to exotic, faraway locales and give us cars to test drive while showing us sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Kinda like they did with the … Continue reading


Nissan 370Z Picture Leaked

A couple of months ago we told you about this speculative drawing of the next iteration of Nissan’s iconic Z car. Now, what appears to be an official Nissan rendering of the final design has been leaked to the world. … Continue reading


Ka-Pao! Nissan’s Rad Retro Ride

In the late 80s and early 90s, Nissan teamed up with design house PIKE to create a series of retro-style cars based on the Nissan March. In the West, the most popular one of these cars is the Figaro, which … Continue reading

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Return of the 'Roku, Part V

Today we received the most convincing news yet that Toyota is seriously considering a return to its rear wheel drive roots. We thank dear reader Buddy J, who informed us that an unnamed lead project developer at Toyota has contacted … Continue reading


Return of the RWD Celica?

Speculation continues to abound at the reincarnation of a lightweight, rear wheel drive Toyota. For those of you who haven’t been following this particular rumor-fest, a quick recap: First, in August 2007, it was the Japanese magazines that began reporting … Continue reading