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PROFILES: Touring Osaka in a Seibu Keisatsu Skyline

Driving through Japan in a red-on-black DR30 Skyline festooned with emergency lights is akin to prowling rural Georgia in an orange ’69 Dodge Charger. Or Miami in a white Testarossa. Or Los Angeles in a black ’82 Firebird with a … Continue reading


PROFILES: Mooneyes’ 1JZ 1970 Toyota Crown Hardtop

With 14 consecutive generations and counting, the Toyota Crown is the standard of Japanese sedans. In its 58 years of continuous production, it’s inhabited many guises — saloon, wagon, pickup, ambulance, and even police pursuit vehicle — but the most … Continue reading


PROFILES: JDM Legends’ 1967 Prince Skyline 2000GT-B

Skyline. Just say the word and it conjures visions of Japan’s greatest motoring icons. From unobtainable high-tech monsters christened “Godzilla” by western journalists to sepia-toned commercials in which teenagers fell in love, the name evokes a meaning for everyone. However, … Continue reading


PROFILES: Tom Knudsen, Nihon Classics Ambassador

“Japanese cars will never be classics.” That was a sentiment commonly expressed by traditional collectors when we founded JNC in 2006. Despite huge strides in recognition made since then, there are people who still think so. Tom Knudsen is not … Continue reading


PROFILES: Jun Imai’s 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon

We see a lot of cars here at JNC. A lot. Every so often, however, there’s that one singular car that comes along and truly blows our feeble minds. Jun Imai‘s 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon is exactly one of those cars, and … Continue reading


Profiles: Turbo KA-Powered Datsun 510

An excellent new article about a bad-ass KA Turbo Datsun 510, by our very own Datsunfreak!


PROFILES: 1976 Nissan Laurel

A super clean, duper mean Nissan Laurel Hardtop. [LINK]

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Profiles: 1978 Datsun 280Z

Our latest Profile has been posted. I’m sure those in the Z Car community have heard of Mike McGinnis, Z-car restorer and guru extraordinaire. He’s a great guy who has witnessed a lot of interesting stuff in his lifetime, including … Continue reading

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PROFILES: 1964 Honda T500F

Forget the Ridgeline, here’s Honda’s first pickup! [LINK]

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