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Japan Grand Prix, The Early Days

Continuing on the motorsports theme, our next stop is at the Japan Grand Prix. This one comes by way of banpei and appears to be a DVD about the race. Unfortunately embedding was disabled so you’ll have to click on … Continue reading


Prince Skyline Sport at Concorso D'Eleganza

You can tell from the name itself that the Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este is not your typical Denny’s parking lot car meet. It’s held at the end of every April held on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, one of … Continue reading


Big Block Nissan V8 Goodness

Pop quiz! how big is the biggest engine that was available in a JDM production car? Give up? The answer: well a pretty good guess would be 6.3L for the 1966 Prince Royal.


Skyline 50th Pins

Will the madness never end? The Nissan Skyline’s 50th birthday party is still going strong, and throughout it we’ve had minicars, CDs, a reproduction Ken & Mary T-shirt, and everything in the Nissan Heritage Collection. Now, the company is releasing … Continue reading

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Happy Bosses Drive Super 6s!

We know by our hits that the vast majority of you are reading this when you should be working hard. Fine by us! In fact, if your boss is kind of a hardass, then perhaps a Prince Gloria Super 6 … Continue reading

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Prince R380: Want One?

A couple of weeks ago, we touched on the topic of the Prince R380 racecar in our retrospective on the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R. As we take up the story, the S54B Skyline debuted at the Japan Grand Prix in 1964. … Continue reading


The Skyline Supremacy: C10 GT-R Hakosuka

Hakosuka. What more can you say. We all know that’s it’s cool and we all definitely want one….but what IS a C10 GT-R, and where did it come from? That’s a good question for a great many Skyline fans. For … Continue reading


Prince Skyline Sensation

In April 2006, the Prince Skyline Register of Australia held their Nationals in Bathurst, New South Wales (Australia). As any racing fanatic will know, Bathurst is home to Mount Panorama – undeniably Australia’s most famous racetrack. 2006 marked the 40th … Continue reading

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Golden Skyline

In the past week, airwaves have been inundated with some important birthday news from the automotive world, the 50th anniversary of the Ford Edsel. Rarely does the mainstream media care about the anniversary of a single model, but apparently exceptions … Continue reading

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Sky High

Possibly the most renowned model in all of Japan, the Skyline was born on April 24, as part of Prince Motor Company’s 1957 lineup. Half a century later, one example of each of the 12 generations have been assembled for … Continue reading

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