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OG Shirt from Import Bible

Our friends at Import Bible have released another Series 2 shirt that is sure to appeal to nostalgists. The front says “OG” in big red letters and on the back, a closeup of a hakosuka grille. Killer! You can buy … Continue reading


Kei-Cars on Your T-Shirts

More T-shirts featuring old Japanese cars are popping up all over the place. Normally they’re all the popular models from Nissan and Toyota, leaving kei car fans a bit left out. But thanks to JNCer xemoto, here’s one of a … Continue reading


Nostalgic T-Shirts from Lisa's Decals

We were browsing the web for images of nostalgics and stumbled upon this great series of T-shirts with pictures of our favorite cars on them. Then we realized that they were drawn by a JNCer who goes by the name … Continue reading


Rad Retro Rags from NoCarNoLife

Being the graphic designer type, Van runs in some pretty creative circles. That’s how he spotted this series of positively righteous artwork from NoCarNoLife. However, we’ve locked the Vanster in a dungeon until he finishes the layout for JNC Issue … Continue reading


Land Cruisers You Can Wear

Someone over at this T-shirt site must love Land Cruisers because they have at least 3 shirts dedicated to the old Toyota workhorse. Our favorite one is this one pictured, even though we’re not really sure what it says. The … Continue reading


Subaru 360 Mouse

Our JDM friend and Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed 24-Valve V6 3000 with Crystal Lite Roof helmsman was in town for a few days and he brought us this rad present. It’s a surprisingly comfortable USB optical mouse in … Continue reading


We Need This Stinking Badge

Hey Sugarteats, check out this replica badge from Japanese company M.F.P. Clothing. Remember the the Main Force Patrol? It’s the post-apocalypse Australian police unit Mel Gibson’s character served under in the 1979 movie Mad Max. Along with The Road Warrior … Continue reading


Skyline 50th Pins

Will the madness never end? The Nissan Skyline’s 50th birthday party is still going strong, and throughout it we’ve had minicars, CDs, a reproduction Ken & Mary T-shirt, and everything in the Nissan Heritage Collection. Now, the company is releasing … Continue reading

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JNC in Japan: Day 6

No, we haven’t come to an untimely death by offending the wrong yakuza lieutenant, accidentally driving down the wrong side of the wangan, or eating ill-prepared fugu. Much to the chagrin of some, we are very much alive, but our … Continue reading


Ken & Mary, Together Again

Here’s a prime example of why Japan rocks the casbah. From January 8 – 31, Japanese Nissan owners can get this bitchin’ re-issue of the Ken & Mary T-shirts from the famous old ad campaign of 1972. WANT. Yeah, it’s … Continue reading

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