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Ken & Mary, Together Again

Here’s a prime example of why Japan rocks the casbah. From January 8 – 31, Japanese Nissan owners can get this bitchin’ re-issue of the Ken & Mary T-shirts from the famous old ad campaign of 1972. WANT. Yeah, it’s … Continue reading

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Mr. K Is Our Co-Pilot

From now on, whenever we are lost, feeling depressed, or simply in need of a spiritual supercharge, we can turn to Mr. K. Or at least a plastic facsimile of him with a spring-loaded head. You may know Yutaka Katayama … Continue reading

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Cotton Celica

Check out this awesome t-shirt we got from our friend Joji of Toy Garage. On the front is a head-on pic of an A2 Celica comin’ up on ya for a pass like an angry daruma closing in on its … Continue reading

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Ready to Wear

Speaking of clothing, we had the chance to meet Antonio Alvendia of Cipher Media Group while he was MC-ing at Motoring J Style. Antonio is a super cool guy who has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things nostalgic and drift. … Continue reading

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Our compadres at grandJDM have unearthed yet another JDM clothing line. They’re Kaminari69, purveyors of “Japanese Badboy Kulture,” They like hakosuka Skylines, skulls, and horns that play music. They’ve been featured in the likes of J’s Tipo, Daytona, and Ignite … Continue reading

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Samuridin' Dirty

We get so absorbed by cars that we’re often rendered clueless when it comes to those swaths of fabric that drape your body…. what’s the word? Oh right, clothes. Apparently, a greasy t-shirt from the last car show you attended … Continue reading