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Nissan's Real Life Dream Garage

Remember those 90s Nissan commercials starring Mr. K as a magical Willy Wonka-like figure holding the golden ticket to an automotive wonderland? For young car nuts like us, those ads expressed, in full cinematic color, the entirety of what was … Continue reading

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Nissans in Nashville

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, if your travels this weekend happen to take you to the country music capital of the USA, Nashville, Tennessee, be sure to mosey on down to the Lane Motor Museum‘s “Nissan Z Cars” exhibit.  The cars, … Continue reading

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Random House, Part II

So recently we found out about the M. Yokota Collection, a museum in the village of Ikaho in Gunma Prefecture that has – in addition to a fantastic heap of nostalgics – a wine & chocolate shop, vast amounts of … Continue reading

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Random House: Wine, Dolls, Squirrels, Cars

Rarely has more random a grouping been the theme of a single museum, but the M. Yokota Collection has all that and more. In fact, if you go by the sign in front of the building, it’s proper name is … Continue reading


It's a Small, Small World

The Petersen Automotive Museum is one of the planet’s most famous galleries of motorized machinery. Established in 1994, its self-stated goal is to let visitors “explore the evolution of the Automobile and its impact on our culture.” Fittingly, its four-story … Continue reading


Random Pic: Toyotas Infiltrate Honda Museum

One of the best things about car musuems in Japan, other than the fact that they’re museums, situated in Japan, and chock full of classic Japanese cars, is that they aren’t afraid to showcase vehicles made by their competitors. Case … Continue reading

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Domo Arigato, Figaro Lot-O

Used car lots in the US, much like grizzly bears and lawyers suffering from tuberculosis, are things to avoid if you know what’s good for you. In the UK, there’s at least one worth going to: AutoSupplyUK specializes in one … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humobility!

To commemorate it’s 100th anniversary, Daihatsu has opened a museum (it’s the reverse-D-looking thing on the left)at its headquarters in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. Called Humobility World, the four-story hall contains two floors devoted to milestone models such as the 1963 … Continue reading

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