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Mitsuoka: not your typical JDM car maker

Keen students of the JDM car scene will be familiar with the name Mitsuoka. Best known for a Nissan March/Micra based Jaguar Mk2 conversion called the Viewt (above) a highly popular item in Japan, with over 1,000 sold (have a … Continue reading


Love Ear Art: Oldschool Paint Skillz

We came across Love Ear Art the other day, an airbrush artist in Japan who does a lot of work on JDM classics in a true 70s style. Check out his Blog for more of his awesome work.

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JDM Video Clips

After our piece on bosozoku biker tribes a few weeks ago, one of our readers brought it to our attention that the Weezer video clip for Dope Nose features some Kyusha-kai bikers in it! So it got us to thinking … Continue reading

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JDM Classic Values: 1997 vs 2007

A few days ago, we posted up a link to JDM old-car dealer Harfee’s (here) and one of our readers expressed a little surprise at the prices that some classics fetch in Japan. Of course, nobody would be surprised that … Continue reading


Enkei Reissues Vintage Wheels (huzzah!)

In conjunction with Mooneyes Japan, Enkei has re-released five of its 70s-era wheels: the Dish, the Baja I & II, the Mojave and the 5-Spoke (pictured above). More details here. Prices start at about Y29,000ea (about A$300ea) and they come … Continue reading


Auto Classica: Oldschool Nissan Meets High End Luxe

A few weeks ago we profiled Tokyo Hakosuka tuner Victory50. But Japan has quite a few Hakosuka/Old Nissan tuners as you would expect, and a particularly notable one is Auto Classica. Located in Yokohama, Auto Classica is decked out like … Continue reading

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Normal Transmission Will Re-Commence in a Few Days

Apologies in advance for a bit of a quiet period on GrandJDM over the next couple of days, be we’ll be incommunicado for a short while because we’ll be travelling to JDM-Land for the Tokyo Autosalon. Of course we’ll take … Continue reading

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0-300km/h: JDM Tuner wars of the 90s

JDM tuners are nothing if not enthusiastically competitive, and today, that manifests itself in the regular Super Lap time trials at Tsukuba raceway. It’s where all of the major tuning houses pit RX7s, Lancer Evolutions, Imprezas and Skyline GT-Rs against … Continue reading


Kareha Leaf T-shirt? Naaaiiiiiccce.

While searching for something completely unrelated on the googles, I stumbled across this Kareha leaf t-shirt. What it says, I have no idea – presumably something like “old driver for please be watching out” – but it’s cool nonetheless. Nice … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas GrandJDMers!

It hardly seems like a whole 6mths has passed since Van, Lachy and I started GrandJDM, and it’s been a blast. We’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to all you readers for supporting us, and we hope you’ve gotten … Continue reading