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JDM Old School Style Hits Russia

Can you identify this awesome Japanese-style sled? No? Well, don’t beat yourself up too bad — it was a trick question. That’s because the car is a Russian VAZ 2106 steeped in vintage JDM style. With Hoshinos, bolt-on flares, shakotan … Continue reading


I Wanna Glide Down Over Mulholland

In the 80s, Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive was the site of some epic street racing. As these videos on Jalopnik show, its winding canyon path was the perfect setting for cat-mouse chases. Datsun 510s and S30 Zs battling it out … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Datsun Drive and Toyota Road

View Larger Map El Paso, Texas is located precisely in the middle of nowhere. The only interesting things within a 500-mile radius are 1.) the site of the first atom bomb explosion in White Sands National Park and 2.) Roswell, … Continue reading


GrandJDM Migration 90% Complete

Over the weekend, we finally migrated the grandJDM posts over to JNC. You can find all the archived fabulousity by using the search box to your left. All of the info-rich text is there, but eagle-eyed techies have noticed the … Continue reading


JNC and grandJDM: The Merge

Greetings, nostalgic and old school car fans! Today we have a very special announcement to make. After much discussion – ok, it was actually a 10-second AIM conversation – it was decided that Japanese Nostalgic Car and grandJDM should combine … Continue reading


Cool JDM Thing of The Week: I Rev…therefore I am

One of the cool things we saw in Japan during Autosalon is the I Rev Car Series. It’s a box set, which includes a 1/24th scale car model kit, a DVD featuring the car, a booklet reproducing some original brochure … Continue reading

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Garage Mahals

This doesn’t directly have to do with cars, but we found it interesting nonetheless. Online magazine Slate has an article about the exciting world of parking garage design. They’re not just concrete slabs and shadowy meeting places for Hollywood crime … Continue reading

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Z-Yota Races Ferrari, Receives Hate

Van from grandJDM posted this incredible video in our forum the other day of a 240Z with a 7m-GTE underhood outrunning a Ferrari F430 in a stoplight battle. Later that day, US-based Autoblog posted it and in just nine minutes … Continue reading


Master of Your CarDomain

More old school love just keeps popping up on the web. Cardomain, the social networking site for the automotively-minded, has implemented a groups feature, and the CarDomain Blog posted this Group of the Day item the day we were supposed … Continue reading

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