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USA Today Picks Top 10 Japanese Collector Cars

Last Friday USA Today picked their Top 10 Japanese cars that they think will become collectible in the future. The piece echoes what we’ve been preaching all along, that these cars capture the nostalgic feelings of twenty- and thirty-somethings and … Continue reading


10 "Cheap Fun Rising Sun" Cars from Hemmings

Hemmings once again turns their gaze to J-tin, this time choosing 10 cars that provide “Cheap Fun under the Rising Sun” (subscription required). The bravest pick is a tie between the Isuzu Impulse (shown above) and the Nissan NX2000, which … Continue reading


Toyota 2000GT in Hemmings

This month’s Hemmings Sports & Exotic has a Toyota 2000GT on the cover with the title “Bullet Train.” How appropriate! It emerged from the same boom era as the Shinkansen and made just as big an impact. Besides, more press … Continue reading


SEMA x ToyotaFest

SEMA’s most recent e-newsletter included a link to an article about Toyotafest! This should be of particular interest to those of us in the nostalgic car scene, as the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association is always keeping a pulse on where … Continue reading


Source Interlink Files Chapter 11

Holy moly! The Carpocalypse has claimed another victim, but this time it’s not an automaker. Remember back in November when Sport Compact Car folded? Well now its parent company, Source Interlink, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of yet … Continue reading


East Coast Nostalgics in the Papers

Who says there are no nostalgics left on the east coast? In recent weeks both the Washington and New York Times have published stories about owners of J-tin on opposite ends of the mileage spectrum. First up is Linda Smith, … Continue reading


JNC Article in the Japan Times

And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion. We were recently asked by the Japan Times, the largest English-language newspaper in Japan, to write a piece about the increasing interest in Japanese classics here in the US. The short article, … Continue reading


Game Over for Sport Compact Car

This is sad news. Sport Compact Car, one of the most authoritative and well-written magazines about small engines and tuning tips for compact cars has been killed off by its parent company, Source Interlink, along with Truck Trend, with 115 … Continue reading


Collecting Japanese Cars in Oz

The August 15 isue of Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald had a terrific article about collecting Japanese cars. It appears that no matter which hemisphere you’re on, the plight of the long-suffering Japanese car aficionado is same. We’ve all experienced the … Continue reading


Two Generations of RX Designers

We’ve always said Mazda is the Japanese automaker that’s most willing to get in touch with its heritage, particularly in the US market. Late last year they began publishing Zoom Zoom magazine, for Mazdafarians interested in what’s going on at … Continue reading


Toyota Museum Shout Out on NPR

We were flipping through the radio dials when suddenly our ears perked up to the phrase “Toyota Museum” on American Public Media’s Marketplace. It was part of a segment on how corporations are recognizing their heritage. Those who have been … Continue reading


Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine, Coming in April!

What the hell’s this, spamming for the competition? Or perhaps the JNC boys have hacked grandJDM, posting their own content?! Not quite! For the past few months, Kev and I have been working hard alongside Ben and Dan at … Continue reading


Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s

Word on the street is that Snoop Dogg is putting together a band, called Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s. So alright, that was a lie. I have to confess (happily) that I’m not in even the slightest way a … Continue reading


2007, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, it’s here, the final day of the year. Now before we all get hammered and pretend we know the words to “Auld Lang Syne,” let’s take a look back at all the nostalgic car happenings that took place during … Continue reading


Car Crazy for Nostalgics

We can’t afford cable so we missed it the first time, but luckily some friends and readers sent us a DVD of Meguiar’s Car Crazy TV‘s recent episode about Japanese collector cars. In this episode, Barry Meguiar goes on the … Continue reading


Toyota 2000GT Is Teh Sex

See what we mean? The amount of attention lavished on antique J-rides simply continues to grow. As a result, the most expensive nostalgic, the Toyota 2000GT, is getting more ink than a yakuza lieutenant’s torso. It’s been making the lists … Continue reading

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Beauty Contest

Japanese nostalgic fever is spreading like a top secret government bioweapon experiment gone awry. Is it just us or has the mainstream automotive press suddenly taken a liking to vintage J-tin? Online magazine Winding Road recently had a brief love … Continue reading

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JapaneseNostalgicCar Announce Magazine

Whoa. What a night. I come home from a dinner where a lifelong buddy and his girl announced their engagement, and now I see JNC have made an announcement of their own. I’m not sure which one has made a … Continue reading


Forbes' Greatest Japanese Cars

Way back when (and by when we mean 2001), it was the dawn of a fresh millennium, our new president Dubya had yet to make a mess of the country, and the nation was still riding high on the dotcom … Continue reading


More on Toyota's 50th

We’re back from SEMA week, and as you all know, Toyota celebrated its 50th anniversary during that time. Our previous post was made minutes before rushing over to the Toyota display at the Vegas Convention Center for the press release … Continue reading

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