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Boso Bikes: Violent Running Tribe!

Lately we’ve been featuring a lot of lowdown/garuchan cars, and why not? They’re cool and old school. But there is another side of the whole bosozoku scene, and that’s the bikes.


When the sharknoses come out to play…..bring earplugs

Yesterday we did a piece on a rarely-seen Hakosuka sharknose, and while we’re on the subject of these of lowdown/garuchan/yankee/bosozoku sharknosed cars, let’s look into the culture a little bit further. When we see these cars parked up, it’s easy … Continue reading


Hako-Sharknose. Kill it with fire?

A sharknose conversion is a pretty commonplace staple of the JDM lowdown/bosozoku/yanki/garuchan scene, and in general they are an homage to the outlandish styles of the Silhouette racing cars of the late 70s and early 80s.¬†¬†Hence sharknoses are usually inflicted … Continue reading